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Gone... Part 2
Gone... Part 2

Gone... Part 2

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I sit in the dark church staring at the closed casket. I wasn’t even allowed to see her one last time. Could her body have been that deteriorated? Dustin sits beside me, his warm hand resting on top of mine in attempt to calm me. I watch as the priest speaks but I don’t hear a thing coming out of his mouth. Hank, Hannah’s father turns to look at me. His dark eyes look to be black slits. I turn away to stare at the wilting roses next to the base of the casket.

Earlier Hank had mentioned he obtained a letter from Hannah that he wanted me to have. I stare blankly at the wall, wanting to run. Eventually after an hour of torture we’re dismissed to visit with one another. Dustin stands beside me as Hank approaches me. Usually I’d found him very pleasant to be around, but in this very moment it didn’t seem like a kind gesture he is carrying out with. His long strides remind me of a predator stalking its prey. He stops just a few feet away from me, his cold grey eyes watching me. He hands me an envelope before turning and walking away.

“I’ll call you when I get home.” I tell Dustin. I don’t wait for his response I just walk away. Whatever is in this note must be important if Hannah wanted her father to deliver it to me.

I waste no time getting home. I stand in the middle of my bedroom with no clue as to how I got here. I stare at the handwriting on the envelope, it doesn’t look like Hannah’s. A small creak comes from the hallway, I jump and run for the baseball bat. It’s nobody. I lock my door before proceeding to open the envelope. My hands begin to shake as I fear what can be inside.

You’re friend Hannah didn’t kill herself. You and you’re friend Dustin are next.

I stare at the letter. I don’t even what to feel. What to think. I pick up my phone to dial Dustin’s number.

“Hello?” Dustin asks, I begin bawling into the phone. “Taz? I’m coming over I’ll be there in a few minutes.” I step away from the note, not wanting to touch it. A scream escapes my mouth before I can hold it in. I take the bat in my hand to smack the door. Someone wiggles the doorknob from the other side of the door. It’s the murderer. I run to the window. “Taz!?” Dustin shouts with fear.

“Help!” I scream in response I jiggle the lock on the window.

“Taz unlock the door.” Dustin orders.

“It’s you at the door?” I ask, my body nearly half way out the window.

“Yes. Don’t ever do that to me again.” He pauses to wiggle the doorknob one more time “I heard a scream and I didn’t know what happened. Can you open the door now?” I walk back to the doorway.

“I’m sorry.” I pull the door open. My whole body shakes from the adrenaline.

“What is going on? You’re shaking.” Dustin asks, he stares at me as though he were trying to calculate what my problem is. I point one shaky finger towards the piece of parchment on the bed. My body collapses in the corner as he reads. “Do you think it’s real?” he turns towards me, his face drained of all color.

“I don’t know.” I cover my eyes “What if it is?”

“We should call the police.” He suggests.

“No what are they going to do?” I ask, I wipe a tear off my cheek. “Are we going to die?” I curl up into a ball.

“Taz listen to me. As long as I’m around I’m not going to let anything happen to you okay?” Dustin reassures me. He crouches down to pull me into his embrace. “Okay first thing you’re going to do is pack a piece of luggage.” He pulls my small body up with his. I barely manage to nod. “When you’re finished we’ll go to my place and I’ll pack.” He pauses to run his hand along my back “After that we’ll figure it all out.” I jam clothes and money into my only suit case.

“I’m scared.” I tell him, my hands still shaking.

“I am too.” He grabs my hand “We’ll get through this together. Okay?”

Author Notes: Any feedback would be highly appreciated.

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18 Jul, 2016
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3 mins
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