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Halloween Night
Halloween Night

Halloween Night

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Halloween Night

By Spyro

On Halloween night, horrid pale spirits rise from the depths beneath our feet ready to fly free for that one night of the year.

On Halloween night, the air that is filled with silence disappears as loud and deafening howls begin from the unseen vicious creatures among us.

On Halloween night, screeches are made from the wicked, old freaks flying in the dark night sky on scratchy brooms that listen to every command that is said to them.

On Halloween night, evil blood thirsty thieves suck on the thick red substance of the innocent with their dangerous killer teeth, feeling the unstoppable thirst for more.

On Halloween night, beastly wings from a cold blooded pointy eared nocturnal spread out wide, seeking for revenge with its sharp talons and ears that can hear you from afar.

On Halloween night, pumpkins glow with their faces of horror, hoping to scare there next victim who comes by.

On Halloween night, mysterious, blood curling monsters grunt through the cold air, moving slow and crookedly, drooling badly as their revolting rotting flesh continue to peal off revealing blood and bones.

And on Halloween night, these horrid, unstoppable creeps might even visit you with greedy stomachs and say "TRICK OR TREAT!".

Author Notes: Crazy enough, this story actually began when I was in year 6 (2014). Then in 2017, i decided to expand on it from what I remember, and this was the final product. It means so much to me that I am now able to share it! I hope you guys love it as much as I do!

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13 May, 2019
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