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Happy Mother's Day
Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day


Dear mother,

Sometimes I wonder, why did you adopt me? I'm kind of crazy, you should know that. Why do you give me unconditional love? Is that because you have no choice? I have asked myself these questions over, and over. I think you love me because I am your daughter. Your funny, weird, self-concious daughter, and you love that daughter. No matter how big her flaws are, no matter how stupid her mistakes are. You love her when she makes jokes that don't make sense. You love her when she screams in your face about homework, and boys and whatnot. You listen to all her complaints and take them into account, and I love you for this. I love you no matter how much you embarass me, no matter how much you do weird things. Because I for one, am the same.

Happy Mother's day,

Your loving daughter.

Author Notes: I know it is far from Mother's day, but I wanted to thank my mom in advance for all the things she has done for me. Thank you to Oxygen, for inspiring me to thank my mom. :P If you like this one, there is one about my dad:

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1 Apr, 2019
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