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Harry had been living with the Weasleys ever since the fall of Voldemort. He has been sharing a room with Ron, and Hermione visits quite often. Harry's relationship had been getting more and more serious over the past few months. They have been spending hours at a time in Ginny's room, talking, laughing, and sometimes kissing. It got to the point that if you needed to find Harry, the first place to look would be Ginny's room. Ginny had turned of age last year, and Harry had a little secret Ginny didn't know about.

Harry woke up to his alarm. He rolled over and drowsily hit snooze. He then bolted upright and groped around in the darkness for his glasses. He got dressed rather noisily.

"What's the occasion mate? Why are we waking up at..." he stole a glance at the clock, "Four o'clock on a Saturday?"

Harry didn't answer and just grabbed his wand and flew out the door. He ran as silently as he could down the seven flights of stairs, and out the front door. He kept running until he reached the garden gate. He saw the shadowy figure of Mundungus.

"'Bout time. One more minute and I woulda been gone," he said drowsily.

"Right, sorry." Harry caught his breath for a minute. "So, you have it right?"Mundungus pulled out a poorly wrapped package and stuffed it into Harry's chest.

"'Ere, now wheres my money? I worked for that one, I did,"

"You did PURCHASE this right? You didn't blow the money I gave you and then stole it? Mundungus looked left and right, shifted his weight, and then cleared his throat.

"Right well I best be off, and since it is such a special order, It'll come as no cost to yer'!" And with a loud snap, he disapparated before Harry had time to ask him any more questions. Harry shook his head but smiled.

"Everyone, tuck in!" Mrs.Weasly was announcing dinner and at once, everyone tore at their food. Well, Harry just pretended to, for he was too nervous to eat. After dinner people were talking, laughing, the general after Saturday dinner chatter. Harry was sweating profusely and was shaking. Ginny, who was sitting next to him, looked at him concernedly.

"Is something wrong babe?"
He just shook his head. Gulp. He stood up and felt to make sure it was there in his inside pocket. He looked around. Hermione, Ron, Fred, George, Bill, Charlie, Mr., and Mrs. Weasly, and... Ginny, were all seated around him. He cleared his throat. Not that he needed to. Everyone was already staring at him. He cleared his mind, took a breath and began.

"I would like to thank you all. For being my family when they couldn't be there. For being my siblings, and parents, and so much more. I owe my life to you all, and I don't know If I would be alive today if it weren't for you all. You mean the world to me," He took a deep breath, closed his eyes and said a quick prayer.

"And a special thanks to Ginny, or never letting her little crush on me die, and then being the love of my life," and in one flawless movement he pulled the small velvet box, kneeled down, and opened it to reveal a 24Karrat diamond ring.

"Ginny, It would make me the happiest wizard in the world if you would take me to be your-" But Harry didn't even get to finish his sentence. Ginny bounded out of her chair, and threw herself into Harry's arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck and practically screamed,

"Yes, Harry, Yes!" And she kissed him as she had never before, with such passion and love. Almost immediately, they entirety of the Weasley family and Hermione erupted with applause. Mrs. Weasley and Hermione were crying. Ginny surfaced and smiled at Harry.

"Your acting as if I just gave you a million Galleons," Harry teased.

"No, you gave me so much more than that," and she kissed him with such force that they both toppled backward. They didn't bother to get up.

Hermione and Luna were to be bridesmaids, and accompanying them as groomsmen would be Ron and Neville. Everything was set. They would be married tomorrow in the Burrows back garden. It was all very exciting. Harry walked to Ginny's room and knocked.

"Come in!" Ginny called. Harry walked in and sat on her bed while she was brushing her hair. She paused to kiss him.

"Just wanted to see you one last time before we get married. I'm not supposed to see you in your dress until then, or that's what everyone says," Harry walked up behind her and grabbed her waist. He put his head on her shoulder and kissed her neck. Ron walks in and tapped Harry on the shoulder.

"Easy mate, save it for the honeymoon. Wouldn't wanna give her a hickey right before the wedding," Ron teased.

"No, but she could give me one. The tuxes have collars. Hermione could give you one though," Ron punched Harry on the arm.

"Alright, you both. Now Ron, If you don't mind, I apparently owe my fiance a hickey," Ginny snarled the last word but smiled none-the-less. Ron raised his hands and walked out chuckling. Ginny put down her brush. Harry sat down on her bed and looked at her expectantly.

"Boys," she said with an eye-roll and a smile.

Harry returned to his room surprised to find Ron still awake. But he soon found out why. Ron jumped out of bed and cornered Harry.

"Let's see that hickey then, mate," Ron smiled. Harry tried to duck under his arm but failed. Ron grabbed his shirt, which pulled off at the sudden pressure. Ron stared at Harry's bare shoulder and chest.

"Wow. One, two, three, four, five. Jeeze. Never would have expected that out of my sister," Ron said with a sly grin, tossing Harry's shirt back to him.

"You should have felt her," Harry smiled to himself.

Harry was standing at the end of the aisle. He was shaking, and excited. He heard some soft music, and Hermione started to walk down the aisle, on Ron's arm, both of them smiling. They veered off, and then Neville and Luna came down, again, both smiling. Then the wedding march started to play. He saw Mr.Weasley walk out and hold out his arm. Then Ginny came out. It was like time had stopped. She was wearing an Ivory beaded slim fit mermaid, with a graceful vail that flowed behind her. She grasped her father's arm, and he walked her down the aisle. Well, he walked, she glided. When they reached Harry, Ginny kissed her fathers cheek and stood beside Harry. Mr.Weasley look happily at Harry and whispered, "Take care of her, chosen one", gave him a small wink, and took his seat. Ginny and Harry had both written their own vows.

"I will cherish you forever. I have always cherished you. I cherrish you in this moment. I know that you will take care of me, and our children. Our fate's did not cross by mere luck, it was pure destiney," Ginny finished and smiled at Harry.

"I will take care of you forever. You will never feel alone. You will never feel unwanted. I will never let you get to the point of tears, unless they may be happy. Please know that I love you, and hold my love close to your heart, where it will reside, forevermore," Ginny was beaming as Harry finished and looked up at her.

"I now present to you all, Mr. and Mrs. Potter!" Yelled the preist, and Harry couldn't wait any longer. He pulled Ginny in and kissed her.

Time flew by like it all happend in a single day. Before Harry knew it, he and Ginny had their own house, and a little surprise for the rest of the Weasleys. They were packing to go see them at that very moment. Harry put his robes, assorted spellbooks, and the usual into his suitcase. Now where was his wand?

"Honey? Have you seen my-"

"Wand? Yes I have," Ginny handed it to him with a sweet yet stern smile, "you'd lose your head if it wasn't attached to your shoulders," And Harry had to smile at her.

Molly opened the door and ushered them inside.

"How are you two! Everyone is waiting in the living room!" She was practically floating at the sight of her daughter and Son-in-law. She escorted them into the living room and sat down. Apparently everyone had gotten the memo that they had big news. Every Weasley and Hermione was staring at them. Harry looked at Ginny. She grinned at them.

"Well, best not to beat around the bush then. Well, there is going to be a third little Potter running around our house soon!" and not a second after, everyone was on top of them, congratulating them.

Later that night, Harry looked over at Ginny and said,

"I love you, so much,"

"I love you more," and they snuggled to sleep.

Author Notes: Im done. I love it so much

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