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Harry Potter Fan-Fiction

Harry Potter Fan-Fiction

By XxX_Ramshee_XxX - 2 Reviews

Harry was searching Weasley's Wizzarding Wheezeys. He scanned the pygmy puffs, but she already had one. One quick glance at the cockroach clusters, and he left the candy section. What could be the perfect gift for Ginnys Birthday?

"Hey Fred, what have you gotten for Ginny in the past?" Harry called into the curtain that he knew led into the back room.

"Nothing you'd want to get her, mate," He came out of the curtain, grinning. "Lets see," he ticked them off on his fingers, "disguised acid pop, bowtruckle disguised as a cat, trick wand,"

"And don't forget the chocolate frog that turned into a real frog when you raised it to your mouth," George, Freds Identical twin, (who was wearing an identical grin), spoke up.

"Right. But, that isn't something you want to go giving your girlfriend for her birthday. How about you give her something sentimental, that means a lot to you both,"

"Right, well thanks anyway Fred, George. I like the new inventory. But I best be getting back to the castle. It is almost midnight, and I'm not supposed to be out,"

"Alright mate, well, see you later!"

Harry set off, and found his Firebolt outside the shop. He mounted it, and kicked off. He soared off into the air, his robes and hair kicking up and swirling around him.

As he reached the castle, his stomach gave a jolt. He saw a large shadow of the Hogwarts game keeper waiting out on the lawn. He couldn't help feeling he was waiting for him. He touched ground a few feet away from him, and Hagrid gave an almighty roar.


"Alright! ALRIGHT! Hagrid, I'm sorry. I wont do it again. I was searching for a gift," he looked down at his shoes, "you know, for Ginny, it is her birthday on Friday, and it is already Wednesday..." Harry's voiced trailed off and he blushed slightly.

"Oh... she yer girlfriend in' she? Awww, alri' then. I'll let yer off wi' a warning. But next time, it'll be punishment," Hargrid smiled sweetly.

"Really!? Thanks Hagrid! I won't!" And Harry put his broom in the broom shed and rushed off to the castle. He made it to the entrance hall, and saw none other than Ginny herself.

"Oh! Hi Ginny!" Harry stopped in his tracks.

"Harry! Well, I wasn't expecting to see you at," Ginny checks her watch, "Eleven o'clock at night, out about in the castle. What are you doing?"

"Er... Just, you know, checking on my broom. Er, best one there is, don't want it getting stolen, or something...." he trailed off. "What are you doing?" He asked Ginny, grateful for a change of subject.

"Oh, Hermione sat up it the middle of the night, frighted she'd left her potions essay in the great hall. She was frantic, and I went to check. I got it," Ginny waved the long roll of parchment Harry had just noticed.

"Oh, ok. Well, shall we walk to the common room together, then?" Harry asked, playfully offering her his arm. To his surprise, she blushed, nodded, and grabbed onto Harry's arm, rather unplayfully, more sincerely. Harry felt himself go hot in the face, and was glad Ginny's face was resting on his shoulder.

They reached the common room a bit later, only passing a classroom that sounded suspiciously like Peeves was in there, but other than that, they met no one on the way. When they entered the common room, it was deserted, and sat down together on a large chair. They sat, staring into the fire for a moment. Then Ginny spoke.

"Harry, I have something to tell you," Ginny sounded rather nervous, but Harry could not see her face, as it was resting in his lap, and he was stroking her hair.

"What's the matter?"

"Nothing is the matter, it's just that, well... er..." she sat up and looked at her lap. She stammered on. She finally looked up and kissed him. They kissed, holding each other for several minutes. Harry wished it would never end. Suddenly as it started, it stopped. Ginny pulled away, and gave Harry one last fleeting look, before running up the girls staircase. "Goodnight! Then..." Harry called after her, slightly confused.


The next day, Harry saw Ginny in the hallway. Ron was speaking. "So, I wave my wand, and instead of setting the paper on fire, it shot water at it! How could-" "Hey Ginny!" Harry interrupted Ron to shout to Ginny. Ron looked slightly hurt. Ginny gave a feeble wave, blushed scarlet around the ears, and ran away, disappearing into a knot of second-years.

"Whats with her?" Ron ask confusedly.

"I don't know, she was acting strange last night too..."

"What do you mean last night?"

"Ron, thats their business. Harry, Ron and I are off to the library,"

"What? But I-"

"Bye Harry!" And with that, Hermione dragged a struggling Ron off to the library.

Harry wondered off to the great hall, stood in the doorway, glanced around, saw no Ginny, and left. He went outside, and walked to the lake. He watched the giant squid propel around the surface of the water for a few minute, then headed to the broom shed.

When he reached there, he heard someone inside. He crept outside and poked his head slightly into the opening. His stomach did a backflip. It was Ginny. She was talking to his firebolt.

"Listen Harry, there, there is something I need to tell you, er, I don't know how to tell you, I... we, no, I mean, ugh!"

Harry stepped into the shed.

"Ginny?" Ginny scrambled back wards, knocking over the neat row of broomsticks, and snapped around to face Harry.

"Harry! Goodness, I was just, I mean, er, but you, I, oh!" Ginny put her head down and ran past Harry. Harry spun around and called after her.

"Ginny, wait!" But she was gone, red faced and stammering, running to the castle.


Harry, Ron, and Hermione were eating breakfast in the great hall.

"-So you see, if we write the essay for snape first, then practice McGonagall's-"

"Harry, whats wrong?" Ron interrupted. Harry had been staring into his porridge, stirring it absentmindedly.

"I, I think... I think Ginny is going to break it off. You know, us..."

"What?! Where is she!" Ron looked around the great hall.

"No, don't talk to her, please..."

"Harry, that is rubbish. You two are a solid couple. As I was saying- if we do McGonagall's homework second, we'll have enough time to- Harry, where are you off to!?" Harry had gotten to his feet and was walking away. He did not look back.

He walked along the corridor to the common room.

"Wingardium, Leviosia."

"That is correct, you may enter," replied the fat lady. Harry climbed through the common room, and Ginny was standing in front of the fire, the rest of the room was deserted.

"Ginny?! Hi, I, your not going to run away again, are you?" Ginny snapped around, look startled, and then stepped toward him.

"N-no, I'm not going to run away. Actually Harry, I've been wanting to talk to you. No, no! It is nothing bad!" Harry's face had fallen.

"I, er, lets sit, shall we?" She led the way to the chair they sat in the other night. Harry stared at her, wanting desperately for the news to be anything but that they were breaking up.

"I have been wanting to tell you this, er, for a long time, but it is a little, er, well..."

Harry grabbed her hand, and gazed into her eyes.

"Whatever it is, you can tell me, you know that,"

"I, I am afraid that, oh! I'll just say it!" Harry held his breath.

"Harry Potter, I love you!" Ginny turned a deep scarlet, and looked at her lap, her hands still in his. Harry just stared at her, his mouth slightly ajar. He heard someone enter the common room behind him, but he did not care.

"I love you too, Ginny. I always have," and Ginny looked at him, the red in her cheeks fading. A look of pure relief and happiness spread over her face. She thrust herself into his arms and she kissed him like she had never done before. They heard a throat being cleared behind them, and broke apart to see Ron red earead and awkward looking. Hermione looked ready to burst.

"Eeeeeeeeeee! Oh! I love it! Im sorry, we can in at the wrong time!" Hemione danced a sort of jig.

"I knew this would happen eventually, but I still love it! Eee! Come on, Ron!" And Hermione left, sort of dancing and squealing until the fat lady swung shut.

"Where were we?" Harry looked at Ginny.

"I don't know about you, but I was kissing my soulmate,"

And they kissed.

Author Notes: I really hope you liked it! :)

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