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Hate Reviews

6 reviews have given an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 Stars
TheWaterworks gave a rating of 2

Why would you write this? I don't like stories that just are 3 word sentences for about a minute, then you leave us there, like...WHAT?

Oxygen Hey! This is a great story! If you don't like it don't put a comment or a review.
Carmen keep the bad attitude to yourself!
Oxygen gave a rating of 5

I go through this a lot.This poem/story is very good way to let all of that anger out. But remember you must be proud of who you are. You must take pride in your success and acknowledge your failures. Stay positive and keep on writing stories.

Aithne Beauchene gave a rating of 5

There's a very fine line between love and hatred. I hope you have found or will find how to cross that line peacefully and love yourself in the end. Hatred is a very powerful emotion. Be careful.

Ghost gave a rating of 5

For the story: it is great! Not much else to say there
For your issue if it still is a thing: Why do you hate yourself? I won't tell you think happy you've tried but attempt to find the source. It sorta seems like it comes from comparing your self to others. Regardless great story!

GoodVibes gave a rating of 5

This is is what runs through my head everyday, but surround yourself with things you love. It will help, think positive, I know it’s hard, I experience it too. I know you wrote this a long time ago, so I hope you feel better, if not I sincerely hope you do.. I love your writing, please continue.

NoOneCares gave a rating of 5

This is really nice, And i know how you feel. I have been diagnossed with depression, so that may be your problem. I know how hard it is to love yourself, but try.


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