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Hoes Before Bros
Hoes Before Bros

Hoes Before Bros

4 Reviews

The way he made me feel....

When I was with him everything felt so real

His eyes

His smile

His cute little laugh

Made me feel like he was my prize

His soft lips

His hands on my hips

He made me feel like I was the only girl in the world

Until he just got sick of me

Tossed me aside

Constantly lied

Told my secret

I was dumb to think he'd keep it

I couldnt stop crying

He couldnt stop lying

So I ended it all

Days went by

I wanted to die

But she was there

My insecurities

My problems

She overlooked it all

She was my best friend

Always there for a hand to lend

I was happy to have her in my life

I didnt even think about the knife

Dont ever take advantage

Her love is like a bandage

It holds me back together

Peice by peice

She made me a whole

I am happy to say

Were still friends to this day

No matter how far apart they keep us

Our bond is too strong

Weve known each other for so long

I hope our friendship never ends.

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23 Feb, 2020
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