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Hogwarts Love
Hogwarts Love

Hogwarts Love

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Harry is walking down the hallway, up the marble staircase, headed to Gryffindor tower. He wants to finish a particularly nasty essay for Snape on the uses of moonstone, and what potions it can be made into. He meets peeves in a deserted corridor. “Potter! Someone is looking for you! But I will never say who! Solve all the riddles decipher the clues! If you give up and don't seek them, you'll get the blues!” Peeves chants as he hovers over Harry, throwing chalk at him. Harry ducks out of his way and flushes with annoyance. “What is it Peeves!?” He asks, making it clear that he is in no mood to play. Then a sudden thought occurs to him. “Or maybe...I’ll get the bloody baron to help me with your riddles,” he says, impressed at his own ingenious. Peeves smile fades from his face. “Fine! I’ll give you all the information I got! It is the youngest of them Weasleys, she is in the room of requirement, she said, she said ah, now what was it? Oh, she says you gotta think of someplace private.” Peeves scowled at Harry and drifted away, now shouting at some frightened first years. So Harry sets off for the room of requirement.

When he arrives he thinks he needs someplace private. Suddenly, on his third lap, a heavily polished door appears. Harry walks forward and knocks. “It’s me, Harry,” Harry says, wondering weather Ginny needs help with homework or needs information on his friend, Ron Weasley, who is also Ginny’s Brother. He hears footsteps, and then the door opens and Ginny has her face sticking out. Her flaming red hair is in an intricate braid. She is wearing her dress robes. Harry flushes, and this time it has nothing to do with annoyance. “…you needed me?” Harry asked awkwardly. “Oh, yes, do come in…” Ginny steps back and holds the door a little wider. Harry walks in and hears the door close behind him. The room is small, a bookshelf is in one corner, and a small table with a long tablecloth, and two chairs seated at it, one of which has Ginny’s school bag draped over it. Her school books and a quill, ink, and parchment are sprawled on the table. “ help on Professor McGonigal's looked like you were paying attention in class and…” Her voice trailed away, and there was a moment's silence in which Ginny sits down and gestures for Harry to join her. As he passes her chair, is elbow brushes her shoulder, he gets a tingling sensation in his arm, and flushes. He sits down opposite of her and notices her face is a little redder. They work for a few minutes when Ginny and Harry reach for the same quill, and their hands meet.

Ginny’s face turns a deep scarlet, and Harry blushes slightly. They stare at the quill, and their joined hands, then look at each other. Harry receives a surge of affection, and has the strong urge to pull her into a kiss, but resists. Ginny is first to speak. “So, erm, about the essay…” “Is that the real reason you called me here?” Harry says, smiling slightly, holding on to her hand a little more tightly, as she had tried to pull away. Her face turned, if possible, darker. “Well, I, er, no, not really, I was.. Kind of...erm…” But Harry knew what she was going to say, and pulled her into a kiss. At first Ginny is extremely surprised, but soon closed her eyes, and sunk into Harry’s arms. It was only a few seconds, but to Harry and Ginny, it felt like an eternity. Ginny’s eyes are still closed when they pull apart. She opens her eyes slowly. She looks at him with longing. “I…” She began but Harry knew what she was going to say. “I know, me too.” and they resume kissing. They stay like this for a few minutes. They pull away gently. “So how about Hogsmeade next weekend?” He asks after a moment.

They are walking down the hallway toward Gryffindor tower, hand in hand. “So, how long have you liked me? Is it a new thing, or have you always liked me and just ignored my hints?” Harry grinned at her question. “Well, does this answer your question?” He asks, and leans over and kisses her, for a solid thirty seconds. He pulls away, and not a second later, Ron claps him on the back. “Oi mate! Who are you snogging?” Ron laughs. Then he catches sight of Ginny. “What…” A look of dawning comprehension appears on his face. “Look, you have no right to tell me who and who I can't date and…” Ginny is in the middle of telling Ron off. But Ron hugs Ginny briefly and claps Harry on the shoulder. “Hey, at least it isn’t some git like Cedric!”

News that Harry and Ginny and Harry are dating spreads fast. Hermione is extremely giddy about it. “It’s about time!” She said when she first found out. One day they were sitting in the common room. Harry is sitting in his favorite chair in front of the fire. Ginny is leaning on his legs as she sits on the floor. Hermione and Ron are sitting in their own chairs. Harry is bouncing Ginny’s hair. “Are you gonna stay over the Christmas holidays this year?” Harry asks Ginny and Ron. “I am, I'm not sure about Ron,” Ginny replies. She looks up at him, and he bends over and kisses her. “Oi! I might have to stay to keep you off each other!” Ron teases. They pull apart and Harry Laughs at Ron. “Oh, Ron leave them alone! Ron and I will be in the Library!” Hermione says firmly, grabbing Ron’s arm and dragging him out of the common room. Ginny and Harry laughs at them. “You better not be snogging when I get back! Geroff Hermione! I'm going!” And they disappear throughout the portrait hole.

Hermione is pouring over books, but Ron is watching her dreamily. “Yes, but then if moonstone can be made into that doesn’t make sense…oh, here it is…” Hermione was muttering under her breath as she read her book on potion ingredients. She then notices Ron staring at her. “Oh for goodness sakes Ron, if you want the answers, have them, but there is no need to stare!” Shovers her latest homework assignment.”What? Oh, no, I was just thinking. I want something like Ginny has, you know, with Harry…” Ron says, turning red around the ears. “I thought you disapproved of them kissing so much!” said Hermione, although she was blushing a little. “And what about that girl you were goggling at yesterday.” She said, sightly heatedly. “Er, I was actually wondering...If…” “Oh, Ron! Your such a prat! Yes, yes I do, I have been waiting for you to ask me for ages!” “Oh, er yeah! I suppose we should, er,” But Hermione pulled him in and kissed him. The vulture-like librarian came over and told them off.

They migrated back to the common room, which looked deserted. They sat down in one chair and started kissing again, every now and again surfacing to talk. They didn’t even notice Harry and Ginny snuggling in the chair behind them. But every now and then Ginny would giggle at them. In turn, Harry had to kiss her to stop them being heard. But then she let out a loud snort, and Hermione started, jumping off of Ron. “Oh! You lot gave me a fright!” “Sorry!” Ginny spoke through a fresh fit of giggles. “Oi mate. You gave us a start!” “Yeah, so did you! Since when has Granger-Weasley been a thing?” Harry Teases. “Shut up!” and they all snuggled up in front of the fire, Ginny snuggled on Harry’s chest, Hermione on Ron, Ginny sighed, a satisfied sigh, and Harry stroked her hair. He looked up and grinned at Ron, who grinned back.

Author Notes: Love you Guys!

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27 Oct, 2018
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