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How I See The World Reviews

2 reviews have given an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 Stars
Rebecca Kathleen gave a rating of 4

A very sad but unfortunately accurate look into the nature of human interaction.

Kat gave a rating of 5

This really opens up my mind and makes me think. The world really is a place of horrors and mischief, but you cannot forget the love and beauty. Everything in life can and will be made in a way that will pleasure the human kind, but it is a judge of character to try and avoid the things we know have no profit.
The world has only gotten worse, but as we look around things have also gotten better. A man becomes too drunk to see straight, but his car won't start when he is in that state. A child is abused at home, but there are counselers and helpers standing outside their door, waiting for the call for help.
So even though the world might seem so bad, with every heartbreak there comes a promise. Stay strong!


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