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Humans Above The Bed
Humans Above The Bed

Humans Above The Bed

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"Big Brother?" Large dark brown eyes stare beseechingly in from the bedroom doorway. "Are...are you awake?" Her ears detect the sound of soft snoring causing her to enter the room and nudge him awake.

A red haired teen emerges from the covers slowly to see the little girl hugging her fox-like stuffed animal tightly. "What is it, Nina?"

"T-the monsters are back." She speaks just above a whisper as tears begin to form in her eyes and run down her face. He sits up and opens his arms for her to throw herself into and cry for what seems to be minutes.

"What did they do?"

"The yellow one was nice to me today. He let me pet his tail and scratch the back of his ears, but the black one scared me. His wings closed in around me, and I couldn't get out. I-I couldn't get out, big brother!" She wraps her small arms around his neck tightly not wanting to let go.

"How did you escape?" He asks.

She thought about his question before speaking. "I am small so that I can move around more freely, but he is so tall when he stands on his two feet. Both of them are. That is not all; they start to look like people. I didn't like it." She whimpers at the memory.

"Do you want to sleep in my bed tonight?"

"Please, big brother, can I?" The redhead nods, and tucks her in bed right next to him.

"Goodnight Nina." He ruffles her hair softly making her giggle.

"Goodnight, big brother!" Closing her eyes, the girl goes to sleep within minutes. Laying his head on the pillow, her brother strokes her soft hair.

"How long are you going to be spying on us?" Two figures emerge from the shadows, and he couldn't help but smirk at the two. "Hello, Lucas and Robert."

"Hunter." The yellow one growls making his large fox ears go straight up in anger and his tail whips back and forth with each passing second. His eyes blaze with the color of orange-red. The other in a not so better mood, his crimson eyes stare angrily into the smug hazel ones in the bed. His large dark wings extend behind him to scare the teen, but all he does is sit where he is.

"You know, she is afraid of you. The two of you are doing a great job of trying to take her away from me." Before he could say any more, Lucas moves to jump atop the teen with his razor sharp talons ready to claw his eyes out, but a soft call for Hunter makes Robert pull him back to stand next to him.

"Big brother?"

"Shh, shh. Go back to bed. It is nothing." He stays quiet as she moves in bed falling back into a deep sleep. "I will tell you guys now; that I think you almost have her convinced, however, until Mister Robert here ruined the moment. Congratulations." Both males snarl at the comment. "Ah, but don't think that she belongs to you?" Lucas's eyes have a hint of wistfulness, but they are too warm; warm for the little girl, he and his partner want her back. "Exactly, you lost her to me, when she lost her memory."

"We'll get her back," Robert speaks quietly. "If it means for us, to come back every night. We will."

"Oh come on, you are all just the monsters that live under her bed."

"We may be just that, but she is our sister and belongs back from where she came. Not here, with the humans, because to us, you are the monster that lives above."

Author Notes: 🌸 I would love feed back on this little short stories of mine. Please and thank you so much.

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28 Jun, 2016
Read Time
3 mins
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