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I Didn't Mean It

I Didn't Mean It

By A Person - 1 Review

There are five of us. Taylor, Emily, Jack, Evan and me. That's not in order of age, of course, I'm not the youngest. Taylor is the oldest, though. There's no order to my list, I made sure of it, but I had to pick one for this particular list, it would probably be in order of importance, backwards--but that still puts me in the wrong place. Emily, too.

All of us have unique traits, or, "different airs around us" as Mrs. Alfred said once.

Taylor is the one with the answers, the smart one who can tell you why you're wrong in any argument, using words and phrases that make anyone feel stupid, especially me. Actually, scratch that, Evan feels more stupid. Evan is not a girl.

Evan is the youngest. I don't really know him that well.

Jack and Emily are twins, both have screechy instruments (viola and cello) and make far too much noise in general. Too much to say. Of all of them, Emily is probably the best.

I'm me, though. I don't have to explain that.

If there are three things you might want to hear about me, they might be that, one, our staircase screams in the nighttime; two, the sky where I came from was more colourful; and three, I didn't mean to do it.

Author Notes: Day one, complete.

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A Person
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17 Nov, 2019
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