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I Got That Call
I Got That Call

I Got That Call


I sat on the field in the sun

Then my heart dropped

I ran, I ran so fast. I run like there was nothing more important in the world.

The tears streaming down my face and the wind is brushing though my hair.

I could stop, I couldn’t stop myself.

Thousands the thoughts rushing through my head as I rummage though the bushes trying to get there in time.

I saw her, standing there so pale so shakey.

She looked me in the eyes and she said she’s sorry.

On call trying to get help, trying to get the ambulance to come as quick as possible.

I grabbed in her bag, I looked inside to see letters, letters to everyone she loves. Whistle she’s inside waiting for help. I sat there with MY letter in my hand.

I opened it to, “I’m so sorry, I can’t do this anymore”

I couldn’t control myself I couldn’t control my tears rushing down my face.

I’m all shaken up in my friends arms whistle we watch the ambulance drive away, into the distance gose our best friend.

All we can do if hope she will be oaky

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About This Story
3 Apr, 2021
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<1 min
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