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I Would Do Anything For You, Rose

I Would Do Anything For You, Rose

By Skyler Kapuschinsky - 1 Review

The sun shined over this beautiful morning as the couple, not yet married, woke up from their slumber. The first one to awake was the ever so beautiful girl, Rose. She has long, blond hair and gorgeous eyes. She was a little chubby, but that didn't matter at all for Tyler. He found her beautiful anyways. No matter what. He'd do anything for her.

Next, Tyler followed her out of bed. He had a short, slightly red beard and short, brown hair. He was tall and skinny. Near anorexic at that. He had hazel eyes that would always see only the best of Rose. His love never faded for her. Even when they went through the toughest of times. The most brutal of arguments. Everything you could imagine, but he still loved her. He leapt out of bed and instantly snuck up behind her and gave her an enormous hug.

"How did you sleep tonight, my love?" Tyler asked with the same smile he gives her everyday while still hugging her.

"Not so bad" Rose answered, resting her hand on top of Tyler's. "First time in a while I've slept this good."

"That makes me so happy. I'm proud of you." Tyler stopped hugging her and gave her a nice kiss on the cheek, which she soon did the same to him.

They both had work that needed to be done. Tyler was working at a fast food restaurant to try to pay to get his book published. Rose's job was a therapist. She wanted to help anyone in need anyways she possibly could. They both got dressed, brushed their teeth, and began to eat breakfast before they left for work. Rose cooked up the most delicious pancakes he has ever tasted. Meanwhile, Tyler was doing last night's dishes and making toast for the two. He always enjoyed doing more work in the house so that she didn't have to. He always promised that he'd do absolutely anything for her. As they finished doing their part, they sat down at the small, round kitchen table and ate pancakes and toast together.

"I didn't burn it, did I?" Tyler asked Rose, noticing she had a rather strange look on her face.

She swallowed the piece of toast and smiled at Tyler. "Yeah. You did. But I still love it anyways." She continued to eat it, despite it being burnt. She was always an honest person when it came to Tyler. She hated hiding anything from him. And the feeling was mutual with Tyler. Between the two, they held no secrets.

"Crap" Tyler said, disappointed in himself. "I'm sorry. I should have paid more attention to it."

"No no. Don't be sorry. I don't like when you're sorry." She gave Tyler her puppy eyes that he saw often. It was his weakness. Whenever she did that face, Tyler had no choice but to give in and laugh, with Rose laughing shortly after. They believed themselves to be the best couple in the entire universe. Nothing ever made them believe otherwise.

"C'mon, Rose. You know I always lose when you give me that adorable look."

"That's exactly why I did it. Surrender to me now!" Rose and Tyler bursted out laughing, causing him to cough up a little bit of his pancake. "Oh dear! Are you alright?" Rose was genuinely worried about him.

"Of course I am. That was just too adorable. I couldn't help but laugh a little. But don't you worry, Rose. I am as healthy as could be." He laughed a little more, making sure no food was in his mouth beforehand.

"I don't want to leave for work" Rose stated. "I want to stay here with you all day long."

"I would love that, but we have to pay for our bills and whatnot. Don't you worry, sweetheart. Time will fly by before you know it. And once you're home, here will be me sitting in this exact chair, staring at the door, awaiting your arrival."

Rose gave of the most captivating smile she has ever given him and ran out of her seat to hug him. A tear gently drifted down her cheek like a leaf in the wind. She gave him an enormous kiss and grabbed her black and white plaid purse.

"I love you" Tyler said before she walked out of the door.

"I love you too. I will be back before you know it. I look forward to seeing you after work." She opened the bright, white door to the house, causing the wind to flow throughout her gorgeous hair, blond hair. She shut the door gently and walked to the car.

"Please come home safe" Tyler thought to himself. He was always worried about her. Even if he knew nothing was going to happen and that she was perfectly safe, he was still scared. Especially with what she has went through over the past few months. Her parents fought with Tyler because he took her away from them. Old, childhood enemies returned and messed her up emotionally. He was scared and didn't know what to do. He always did the best he could, however. Even with all those problems buried in the sand, never to be seen again, he was still nervous.

He got out of his seat and went the their bedroom. In the closet was the usual apron and hat required to be worn for his job. He grabbed the keys to his car and walked outside. His eyes were stabbed by the sun's rays as he walked outside, but they healed almost immediately. He entered his car and drove off. Along the way, he turned on the radio and listened to country music. It was one of his favorite genres of music. As soon as he made it to his job, he stepped out of his car, locked it, and entered the building through the back entrance. He was greeted by the cook of the restaurant, Edward. He was a black man with finely trimmed, black hair. He was also rather thin and tall, but not quite as tall as Tyler was.

"What's up, Tyler?" Edward cheered. "How's the girlfriend?"

"She's as amazing as usual. What about you? How's your wife?"

"Doing just the same. She's great." He began flipping burgers while the others worked as cashiers. "Say, if I remember correctly, you and Rose are engaged. Correct?"

"That would be accurate, yes. We plan on holding our wedding on the beach instead of the usual church. I'm excited."

"That's so sweet. I remember a year ago when Carol and I got married, we held it on the top of a cliff."

"I remember that. Rose was scared that she would fall, so I had to hold on to her like my life depended on it." Tyler began boiling the fries in the deep fryer.

"You better not let anything happen to her, ya hear?" The expression Edward gave was of pure concern.

"I already made the promise that I will die first. As much as she hated me saying that, I am making sure of it."

"Well I wouldn't go that far. There are some limits."

"I would go that far. I vowed to protect her no matter what the cost." Tyler stared up at the ceiling with pride. He was so excited to get home and see Rose again. There wasn't a moment in history where he didn't think about her. "I would do anything for that magnificent woman."

"Alright man. Let's finish our work here so we can head home and see our significant half."

"Sounds good. Hopefully it goes by quickly."

"Oh wait, Tyler" Edward paused. "I have a question for you. Have you and Rose discussed about having kids yet?"

"Of course we have. We agreed we don't want any until a little while after our wedding and we get everything situated. Then we plan on having possible 2."

"Smart man. Smart man indeed. Now let's get this garbage finished before the boss starts hollering."

Tyler nodded his head and began making the food. The fries, burgers, and chicken nuggets were all stacked in boxes ready to be served through the counter and drive through. Despite all these distractions, not a moment flew by where Rose wasn't on his mind. He was hoping she was doing alright. Finally, the time he has been waiting for has arrived. It was 2:30pm, the time Tyler gets off his shift and heads home.

"I will see you around, Edward" Tyler shouted as he waved to him.

"I better see you soon" Edward said, still concerned about the earlier conversation he had with him about Tyler doing anything for Rose. "Now you better give Rose a big kiss for me. You hear?"

"I planned on it. See you tomorrow, my good friend." Tyler walked out of the building with a face filled with excitement. He happily entered his car and drove home. On his way there he watched as the birds sat on the other houses. He came across a traffic light that was acting strangely, but it didn't effect Tyler at all. He cruised his way back home. He finally made his was home at 2:40pm. 20 minutes until Rose returned home. He sat at the chair he promised Rose he'd wait for her at and stared at door with anticipation. His phone suddenly rang from his pocket, so he picked it up and saw it was Rose. He answered it in a heartbeat.

"Hello, darling" Rose said on the phone. "I am gonna be a little late today. These next patients need some additional help. I will be home as soon as I can. I love you with all my heart, Tyler."

"Alright, beautiful. I will be waiting. I love you too. Stay safe."

"I always am. See you soon." She hung up as Tyler heard the next family walk into her office. As usual, he was nervous about Rose. He had the strangest feeling something bad would happen, but he didn't know what. He went into the living room and turned on the television. Nothing was on at first, so he decided to turn on the news for the next 25 minutes. As time passed, he kept looking at the door, wondering why she hasn't arrived home yet. He was starting to get even more scared than usual, then he saw what was on the news.

"At his intersection," the newscaster announced, "an accident had occurred. Two cars drove into a head on collision while crossing a light that had clearly been malfunctioning. One of the victims were a 24 year old man who managed to get out safely. The other was a 20 year old girl who was not as lucky. Glass from the windows left cuts across her body. Also, the windshield wiper somehow managed to impale her through the heart. The paramedics arrived right away and brought her to the nearest hospital."

"No!" Tyler yelled as he saw who it was. "Rose!" He quickly jumped out of his seat, feeling adrenaline he had never felt before. He grabbed his keys and sped to the nearest hospital where Rose was being treated. As he dashed in, he went up to the counter and shouted at the receptionist. "Where's Rose?"

"She is just down the hall on the left" she answered.

Tyler wasted absolutely no time. He sprinted down the hall at breakneck speeds and found the room she was held in. The doctors were just finishing pulling out the windshield wiper. He broke through the door and went to her side. "Rose! Oh God, Rose! What happened?" He was crying waterfalls at this point.

"I'm so sorry" Rose said as she rested her hand on his right cheek. "I didn't see the car coming. I hope you're not too mad at me." She began coughing. It was evident it was hard for her to breathe.

"Of course I'm not mad. How could I be? This isn't your fault. You'll be just fine. I'm sure of it, sweetheart." He firmly grasped her hand, pouring his tears of sadness on to her palm.

"I love you, Tyler. You're so amazing." As she said that, she passed out, but was still alive.

"No. This can't be happening."

"Sir, I am afraid there is nothing we can do" said one of the doctors. "Her heart was punctured straight down the middle. Unless we manage to find a healthy heart to replace her's with, she will die."

Tyler did not hesitate for a moment when he heard those words. He promised her that he would die first, and that a promise he plans to keep. "Use mine."

"Sir!" the same doctor shouted. "If we do that-"

"I'm fully aware that I'll die. Just do it anyways. I will be in the next room." Tyler kissed Rose's hand, then her lips as she rested there, cold. He then got up and went to the next room to get prepared.

"Are you sure we should do this?" one of the doctors said to the other.

"Yes. What else can we do? He clearly won't take no for an answer."

Bowing their heads in sadness, they left the room and went into the next where Tyler was lying on the hospital bed with a paper in hand.

"When this is all finished, I want you to place this next to her."

"We will" the doctor said. "Now, are you all ready?"

"Of course. This is for Rose." And with that answer, Tyler began to drift off to sleep. He looked up at the doctors who were hovering over him with a large syringe. "I love you,Rose. I would do anything for you. Absolutely anything." Tyler then went to sleep, never to wake up again.

Rose woke up an hour later with a large gasp of air. She touched her arms and chest, wondering if she was real. Turns out, she was. And she was alive.

"The surgery was a success" the doctor said. "You should rest a while."

"Where's Tyler?" she asked, but never got and answer. The doctors quickly left the room, sobbing. She saw the flowers and a piece of paper on the shelf beside her that was labeled, "To my awesome sweetheart, Rose." She grabbed it and began reading it.

Dear Rose, My One True Love:

Please try not to be too upset when reading this. You're a strong girl, and I've always believed that.

I will always be a part of you. From now until forever. Nothing, not even death can separate us.

I want you to know that you are so strong, brave, intelligent, beautiful, amazing, and so much more.

I can barely even describe on this piece of paper alone how much you mean to me. You've brought

so much joy into my life. I would be nothing right now if it weren't for you, so seriously, thank you. And

listen. Ignore what anyone says against you. Those people are inferior compared to your awesomeness.

So do not let them get to your head. You're stronger than you believe. You haven't done anything wrong. I promise.

I am honestly so glad that you were the one I would have gotten married to. Also, I wasn't kidding when I

said I would do anything for you. I even went as far as to make my heart yours. I know that all of this will upset

you in the long run, but i promise that with your strength, you'll be alright. I know it. Thank you for changing my

life for the better and accepting me for who I am. You're the best girl in the world, and I love you so much. Goodbye.

Rose's tears began to cover up the note as she finished reading it. She grasped her chest and felt her heartbeat, which was emanating through Tyler's heart. She kept crying and crying with no end in sight.

"I love you, Tyler" she shouted with all her might. "Thank you so much. So so much."

Author Notes: This story is dedicated to the one whom I cannot name, but she knows who she is. Not going to lie. I teared up a little while writing this. I hope everyone, especially her, enjoys. Thank you for reading.

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