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indecisive consequences

indecisive consequences

By kamili jones

I wanna go

I wanna be free of all the pain

I wanna be free from my own brain

I lay in bed every night

always wanting to take flight

Im never gonna be able to go, but theres a way I know, you know

I could take the blade in my hand, cut down through my veins and take deaths hand

I could swollaow what seems like a hundred pills

but that wont help anything

it'll just cause more pain, people would have to hear what went through my brain

i'm always the person trying to make everyone laugh, so what would happen if I made them sad

maybe I should go, but no ill stay

close my eyes, and await the next day

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About The Author
kamili jones
About This Story
5 Dec, 2019
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<1 min
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