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Just a moment away Reviews

SANDMAN gave a rating of 4

This is a most interesting tale. Not so much for its theme as for the excellent mind that constructed and implemented it. In spite of the sadness and mystery, I felt goodness and hope subtly interwoven at the end. The characters seemed real and authentic, and though I did not identify with them, I was interested in what happened to them.

The plausibility and pace of the tale is due in whole to the author’s impeccable ability with details which did not overburden. The readability was edging on good but I did have to pause and reread the beginning of JENNY. The title alone did not tell me what I needed to know about the text that followed.

The point of view and tense were handled with skill. The style of expression captures the character of the narrator and the tone of this piece.

Observations and descriptions flowed effortlessly creating a vivid and strong setting for this story, evoking the mood and atmosphere intended.

The overall structure of this piece is good, but the punctuation, in particular the comma, is noticeably absent which caused stumbling during the reading. I highly recommend the use of a program entitled GRAMMARLY. It is free on the Internet, with a paid version if so desired. It not only addresses absent and misplaced commas but many other things as well. An indispensable tool for any serious writer.

The importance of this well-told tale deserves five stars but I’m holding back with four stars because of the minor punctuation issues which can easily be rectified. Reading this story aloud will also bring those areas that require attention to the forefront.

Ciao, JT


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