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Keep Up and Never Quit!
Keep Up and Never Quit!

Keep Up and Never Quit!

alexHossine talhajte

Never give up

It was night. Everyone had already gone to sleep, but he was not like all the others. he could not go to sleep ; his body was all aching and burning, his face was pale and his eyes were as red as his t-shirts's color , his lips looked as white as milk , and they were not in their proper shape at all. It was very cold , he was suffering in his tiny room with lots of snow on the roof while others were in their warm blankets and soft ones. There were lines on his forhead that did not use to be there , though he was still a young man who had a lot of things ahead to do.

He was that kind of people who used to wish to change his life and his family's. He was a twenty-seven year-old man. He lived in a small village with poverty since the day he was born and he was brought up by a patient father and a great mother who tried as hard as they could to let him survive. He should have been grateful for everything that his parents had done for him to keep him alive under tough conditions , he should have been lucky as well having been brought up by a truly great example of hard-working parents.

He went to the nearby city aiming to fulfill his dream and create a better life for him and for those who had struggled and sacrificed many different times for him. Once he got to the city , he started looking for a job. He woke up everyday quite early. His journey was a long one; he used to start in the morning , and kept working till nightfall , and he always came home feeling upset and about to give up on everything. But his passion to meet his dreams always pushed him forward whenever he had that feeling . he tried again and again but nothing was found. He applied for several jobs but almost nothing seemed to work the way he wanted it to be , but he hadn't given up yet, there was still something deep inside him telling him to keep going. He knew that it still worth trying and never lose hope no matter how hard it happened to be.
One day evening, he came back home looking so tired , he could not even stand up on his feet , clothes no longer fitted him and he was about to pass out. Just right at that moment, the phone rang, " hello ! Is this Mr Tom? " said the phoner. Tom then answered saying," yes sir I am" , " congratulations ! We are glad to have you with us as one of our company members, you will start working with us tomorrow ".the phoner replied.

Author Notes: I do apologise if the story contains some typing or spelling mistakes.

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About The Author
Hossine talhajte
About This Story
13 Apr, 2018
Read Time
2 mins
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