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Lli Reviews

Misty Poulson gave a rating of 5

In answer to your question about Lli's irrational assumptions about his parents' deaths, it might be cause to the fact that we as people(regardless of our class, since this seems to play no role in our ability to rationalize) have a tendency to find a reason for everything. We are constantly looking to place a label or reason on everything so that we can better comprehend it. So in sence, it would seem that Lli is so shocked about this traumatic event, that he abandoned any rational conclusions(emotions tend to cloud all rational thoughts, which seems to be why many characters would seek revenge) and was simply trying to come to a conclusion that makes sense to him, wich in this case is that there HAS to be a "reason" for their deaths.

Thomas Ray
Thomas Ray I think I get what you mean. And I think that's what I had in mind, but honestly I don't remember what I was planning for this story, so yeah.
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