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Misadventures of Violet and Tarot

Misadventures of Violet and Tarot

By 🌸Fate

A big smirk came upon the woman’s face as she heard the price of the deal. “So you are willing to pay so much for such a little task?” She grabbed him by his vest and pulled him closer. “You better not be lying, you damn Aristocrat.”

His two men soon had drawn their guns on her, ready to pull the trigger. “Men please put your guns away. I don’t think her crew would let you live for what you are prepare to do.” Once those words left his lips the two men turned around to see the woman’s crew pointing their weapons at them.

“Boys!” Her voice carried out danger. The crew slowly put down their weapons and back to their previous spot but they were still in high alert. She let go of the Aristocrat and moved a couple of feet back. “I, Captain Violet, accept your offer.” She bowed looking at him slightly.

He looked at her carefully taking in the way she looked. She wore black leather high heel boots that went up to her knees with black shorts that was at her mid-thigh. She also wore blue corset with black laced roses on it that made her breast to pop out more. Last she wore a black knee-length long coat with a bunch of items she must have picked up on her journeys.

He soon stood in front of her and grabbed her chin pulling her back up. He moved his lips next to her ear whispering, “I do not want any kind of failure or you will regret for being here.”

She smiled as soon he was yanked away by her first mate. “Jasper….” Her smile turned into any evil smirk. “Overbroad.”

"The world looks so small from up here," she muttered to herself, peering over the edge. Her green eyes lazily glanced upon some dirigibles gliding effortlessly towards Bronze Crystal Port, her home. Living in a city so far up in the sky, deliveries are constantly made by the airships from the few small towns below, but being a key port to the capital, the traffic flow was constant, and here and there things were known to go missing.

She smiled slyly to herself, as she picked at a few loose threads of her worn brown under bust corset. "Looks like I'm finally getting some new material." She slid on her aviator goggles and jumped over the railing then a platform below. Her short blond hair rose from the propellers keeping the city airborne.

She skidded to a halt as she was met with a rope and pulley system, used by mechanics to get to the lower levels of the city. She gave it a tug and waited for a responding tug of the pulley already being in use. She then proceeded to lower the makeshift elevator and began pulling herself up to the upper levels.

She was met by crowds of people; no one paid her any mind. Then again no one acknowledges the 'scum on the streets,' other than with disgust. She scurried through the people, careful to avoid the particularly wealthy looking ones, a few of the local aristocrats were known to take a swing at ragamuffins with their canes. They knew any altercation would end in the poor man, woman, or child being thrown in jail or worse over the edge of the city; depending on which officer was in their pocket or not.

In the corner of her eye, she saw a something bright that caught her attention. She looked at what it was; a silver waist long chain that was hanging off the side of the building. Without even thinking she headed on the other side of the crowd. Right before she took the chain into her grasp she found herself on the ground.

A group aristocrat of above her laughed at her then one of the men spoke up, “Well look at that the street rat ran into us. What a pathetic little thing it is.”

She slowly got back up and glared at the group in front of her. “You guys call me a street rat but you guys act like wild sick animals,” she muttered out.

“Oh what did it say? I can’t hear you?” The guys kicked her back down and stepped on her hand.

A small surpassed whimper came out of her lips, glaring at the group in front of her. She hated when people like them torture her so. It was uncalled for and humiliating when people just pass by not wanting to help the girl out. It wasn’t that all the people here were cold hearted people. No, it was because they feared this people. So rich and damn snobby people acting like they can walk over anyone they wanted. It made her sick when she was in the presence of them.

“Are you even listening to me?” He put more pressure his foot to cause her more pain. By that acted, it earned him another whimper of pain. “So are you going to be a good like rat and crawl where you came from? You don’t deserve to even be alive. Such an unworthy and worthless person you are. You give us humans a bad name.”

Her rage started to boil at his comment. That was enough she couldn’t keep her mouth shut anymore, “Listen horse shit, I am not in the mood to deal with you anymore. So be gentlemen and get your foot off my hand before I shove it up your own ass.”

In the background his friend snickered at the girl's comment. She just burned and embarrassed him in front of his equals. Without a second thought he raised his cane getting ready to beat the living hell out of the girl. He strike down at her but before it could come into contact with the girl a hand a tight grip was on it.

Before he looked at the owner of the hand, a sweet ring of a laugh came. “What do we have here? Hm?”

His eyes widen at the site of a pirate but not just any pirate. It was Captain Violet or a.k.a Malicious Violent, known to be the most deadly and evil thing out there. She had no mercy for her victims and her crew was not even better.

He tried to yank away his cane but it wouldn’t budge any inch from the woman grip. He looked at her smiling, it was sweet but unfortunately looks were very deceiving. The cane so broke into two by the iron grip she had on it. He back away in fear on what she was going to do next but it still didn’t stop him from opening his mouth.

“Well if it isn’t the most feared and respected pirate, Captain Violet. What honor do I have to have you in my presence? After all someone so worthy protecting something that isn’t is such a rare sight. Is it not?” He bowed slightly.

The women couldn’t help by chuckled at this idiot. How much father is he going to dig his grave? “Unworthy you say…. I have never met someone that was unworthy of anything. Oh wait I have, you and your group of idiots.” She said smugly.

His pleasant face turned into disguise. “Don’t make me laugh you, you wrench. I treat a scumbag like you with respect and this is how I am repaid.” He spat out.

Just with a simple snap of her fingers two figures landed on each side of her. She smiled sweetly,
“Meet my first mate Jasper and killer Christopher.”

The girl glanced up when she noticed she wasn't being beaten to death. She looked up at the girl who saved her and the two men who accompanied her circling around to her attackers. She noticed that no one was paying attention to her anymore.

'Sorry about this miss, but it is a cruel cruel world after all,' the girl thought to herself and skillfully took some things from the girls pocket before scampering off.

She disappeared into the crowd. Swiping an assortment of scraps as she passed by vendors and people who were careless. She didn't even intend to steal particular items. She merely took things and see if they are useful now or for the future.

She pondered over who would save her from those bullies. No one has ever stepped in before and so they must have been one of the imports. A small wave of envy washed over her, "boy, if only I had the means to travel far far away from here. To fly my own ship, Captain Tarot, The Vexatious!"

"Tarot, you idiot. Ragamuffins don't fly!" She was joined by a few other pickpockets and thieves. Tarot seen them from time to time and they even teamed up before. She hated that they had to split the pot afterward though.

"They don't because none have tried!" She called back to them. "I won't be a ragamuffin for long. I will soon finish my work and someone will give me a lot of money for it."

"Someone will steal it or kill you before you do."

Tarot didn't listen to them, "and I'll be an adventurer! Finding lost treasures, travel the world, fight pirates, and earn a name for myself! I plan to be as well known as Captain Violet the Malicious!" Tarot hesitated, and the thought finally dawned on her. "Oh. Well guys, if you don't see me anymore it means I'm dead or worse." She smiled trying to hide her dread. They waved goodbye and she walked away in a daze.

"Should I hide, I should hide. Maybe they won't notice, I'm actually gonna die," she rushed through the crowd and slipped her way into an old alleyway and crawled through a boarded up window of an abandoned building. "I'm home," she exclaimed and dragged an old bookshelf to cover the window.

She walked over to a small desk with three legs a pile of books holding up the last corner. There were a few candle stubs left which she lit with a few used matches before piling her hoard onto the desk.

She sorted through a few coins, some keys, nuts and bolts, two coils of wires,and small pieces of fabric. She skipped over to a corner in the room and pulled up a few loose boards to pull out a tool box and piggy bank.

She carried back both items back to her treasures and set them delicately onto the desk. After depositing the coins, she noted the bank still sounded slightly hollow. She then opened the toolbox and pulled out a limp mechanical machine. She peered over it examine further repairs that had to be made.

The machine was a mechanical dragonfly, purposed for spying and espionage. At least that is what she heard from the other low lives she ran into. Someone had carelessly left it in a gutter of which she took it to repair it for her own devices.

She had taken care of most of the wiring and electronic parts, it still needed a new valve to fully power and function, but to get one was nearly impossible. The head of the dragonfly was merely a type of lens, the old one had shattered so Tarot replaced it with an old tech camera lens. She used the scrap fabric to cover each of the wings, tightly covering the gaping holes that prevented it from flying.

She then remembered the items in her other pocket and took them out. Her eyes bulged at the sight of five gold coins as well as a set of keys. She scooped everything up and loaded it back into the tool box, leaving the keys and gold coins on the table.

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26 Mar, 2018
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