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Over the course of quarantine, I have noticed that as each day goes by, I am beginning to lose patience for others and become less motivated to do things that I would usually love to do. I find myself being lazy and not doing my facial routine or walking the dog as much. I also find myself feeling tired and drowsy all the time. What helps me the most is not carefully planning out a weekly to do list or give myself a reward system; what I think about is what the benefits are if I do something. I know this may sound a little boring, but it really does help me. If I don't want to bike or walk the dog, I think about why I should and why it's not good for me to just sit on my butt all day. I think about my personal health and about the exercise the dog will get. I think about how much better my skin will be if I do my daily acne routine, and I think about how good I will feel about myself when I have finally finished the task I needed to do. I have realized that I just need to tell myself it will only take a couple of minutes out of my day just to do one thing out of the many hours of time I have to spend. Yes, I do find myself on my laptop a lot even though I don't have to. What else are you supposed to do? Then I realize I could be doing so many other things right now and I could be doing something beneficial for me and possibly others. You don't do homework for the teacher, they could probably care less! You do homework for yourself, because everything leads up to something bigger and you want to be successfull. You want to live a life knowing that you did your best.

Author Notes: I know I don't usually write stuff like this, but I thought especially during these times, everyone might need a little pep talk just to motivate them. Have an amazing day! :)

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6 May, 2020
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