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Ms. Barbie Doll
Ms. Barbie Doll

Ms. Barbie Doll


A woman at the end of the bar finished putting on her lipstick and slowly looked around the room for a man. Her eyes landed on a man in a nice black suit and red tie. His eyes glanced in her direction and a warm smile slowly went across his face.She took out her mirror, fixed herself for the last time and walked his way seductively.

"Hey there hot stuff, my name is Maggie.What is yours?" Her voice came out dryly as she winked at him.

He looked at her strangely before moving around her to make his way to another woman that happened to be sitting behind Maggie. Maggie was fuming that she got ignored so rudely.Her eyes fell on the woman scanning her looks slowly. She looked short, but the six inch high heels made up for her lack of height. She had a natural tan and great curves. Her hair was dyed light pink, but the roots were black. It still looked great that way. Her eyes showed kindness and power while her smile held confidence and love. Maggie's staring turned more into a glare because she knew that girl was everything she wasn't. That made her hate the woman more for how she looked.

"Hey Destiny, you look great tonight." He grabbed her hand and kissed it softly.

She smiled sweetly, "Mmm isn't it Mr Grey.What a pleasure to see you here tonight." She tilted her head to the side to see Maggie staring. "You left a fan staring again. What is her name?"

He looked, turning to see who she was talking about. "I think she said Magr.... Maggie, I think."

She laughed softly, "Come on let's go be friendly. She looks like she needs it."

"Fine but you are buying me a drink." He followed his pink haired friend towards Maggie.

Maggie almost spat out her drink when both the people she was glaring at were only a few feet away now.

Before Destiny stopped in front of her completely, she greeted her, "Hello Maggie, I'm Destiny and this is Grey. So I s- ..."

Maggie cut her off rudely."Listen bitch, I don't need sympathy from you or that asshole."

Destiny just smiled at her insult before Grey spoke up,"Hey don't go insulting her.She was just being friendly."

She rolled her eyes at his remark, "Listen, there is a reason people call me Barbie Doll.I am- ..."

"Fake, plastic, and a stupid toy?" Grey said smugly.

Maggie soon raised her voice, causing everyone in the bar to stare at them. "No! They call me Barbie Doll because I am beautiful, sexy and real."

"Oh, who lied to you? You are nothing but average. You don't have a cute face, you're fat, and your taste in the dress for someone your size is -..." A small hand covered his mouth.

"Grey that is enough. Beauty isn't about the body. It is about the mind and soul."She smiled sweetly at Maggie.

Grey removed her hand and looked her straight in the eyes, "Destiny, you know most guys don't think that way. I mean she can do something about herself. She can go to the gym, go on a diet, and stop being such a bitch."

The sound of the loud slap spread across the bar. Destiny looked apprehensive at Maggie as Grey lightly touched his cheek. His face twisted with a smirk, eyes piercing. "You have no right to judge me. You are like every other guy. So damn focused on looks!" She cried out frantically.

He coldly laughed at her, "You have to be kidding yourself. You were the one fixing yourself when you thought I was looking your ugly way."

Maggie swung her hand again to hit him, but Destiny caught it. "That is enough. You don't need to slap him again." She side glanced at Grey not to do anything.

She yanked her hand away disgusted and turned her rage toDestiny."You are a slut, so don't you dare touch me and infect me with your impurity. I hate you!"

The sound of silence that went around was only sound heard. Sadly, tonight there were a lot of people that knew Destiny and they knew she was no slut. They knew a lot better that she wasn't someone to mess with. Suddenly, everyone tensed up when they heard her chuckle.

Destiny pinched Maggie's cheek softly, her light smile causing the woman to hesitate slightly. "You are so cute for an old woman, thinking you can insult people without any consequences." She leant forward with a much darker expression, her eyes taking on a red tone. Her voice low and dark, "We both know I am not a slut. We both know the truth. If you were a Barbie doll, you would be everything a Barbie doll would be. Not a bitch that slaps and insults people. Look back in the mirror and judge yourself." With that, Destiny walked away leaving Maggie turning a bright red.

Destiny started to walk away, but Maggie yelled at her,"Then what are you saying? You are a Barbie doll! You wish!"

Destiny turned around and smirked at her. "I am a human being, not plastic and a toy. I like being respected and treated right. My wish is never to meet someone as stupid as you. Get a life would you, goodbye Ms Barbie Doll."

She walked out of the bar with Grey following her.He looked sidelong atMaggie chuckling with the contempt and boiling rage she had for them. "Oh yes, that look is much better, it really suits you," he mocked before laughing and closing the door behind him. The crowd of people stayed quiet for a while thinking of what just happened.

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5 Apr, 2016
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