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My Beautiful Masterpiece
My Beautiful Masterpiece

My Beautiful Masterpiece

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Can you tell me that you can imagine a place as beautiful and wonderful as this in the whole world? I know I can tell you a dream that is so real to me. Just close your eyes and listen, so I can send you to place so beautiful. Now just imagine this is you and your friends taking a path. You walk in the park with your friends enjoying the day, and having fun.

You find a path in the woods that for some reason calls you to follow it. Walking towards it gives you this feeling that you may regret going, but it also gives you a curious feeling and understanding. The path keeps going on and while you are walking, you look around to find no life or trees that have leaves on it and no grass just dirt. It’s quiet but you can slightly hear waterfalls in the distance that you go towards. It’s like a maze you are trying to find your way through to the place. You just look back in front of you to finally see some life ahead.

The further you go, you find yourself in a forest with green grass and trees with life teeming in it. The wind blowing in your face gives you a refreshing feeling, which you wish you could feel more often. Walking further you find a stream with water so clear and beautiful you see fish swim. Further up the stream is a waterfall that sounds so serene and calm to you. As you keep following the path, you see beautiful animals wandering around the forest and they don’t mind your presence. The birds fly above you singing the song they always sing.

You finally see a clear field where the grass is a pretty emerald green and all around it are blossoming cherry trees. The flower petals are a light shade of pink color on the tips and towards the inside is a darker pink color. The air carries the cherry blossom petals around you and there is the sweet smell of strawberries in the air. As you touch the grass it feels soft and silky, you want to lay on it.

As you walk under a shady cherry blossom tree, you lay down with your friends to look up into the sky. You see that the sky is blue and beautiful and the clouds look soft as cotton. Hearing the sound of wind and the waterfalls sing a song to you that could make you fall asleep, you decide you just came from a long walk and you want to take a little nap, so your friends agree with you. While you lay on the grass, you slowly fall into a very deep sleep.

Hours pass, when you wake up to see the sun going down you wake your friends. You all get up and look at each other in disappointment that you have to leave; you sigh and start to walk back to the park. You finally find yourself at the edge that separates the beauty from the dirt. All of you look back at paradise one last time then you all walk forward. You find yourself in the park again. Without exchanging words you all go your separate ways.

You wake up finding it is just a dream that can never come true. You are waiting to find the perfect place that you will love to see. Well, I will tell you something you must never forget. The place you imagine is something special that you create in your mind. We all have to keep dreaming looking for that place, because you never know, maybe it was reality.

Author Notes: This is something I wrote back in the beginning of High School.

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5 Apr, 2016
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3 mins
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