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My Heart Break
My Heart Break

My Heart Break

Andrew_And_AnaThe Clingy Bestfriend
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"It's funny. I thought her and I would last..." I said slowly, rereading the last message she sent me.

M: Soo, I've lost feelings for you, and I like Destiny more. You can be mad or whatever.

Me: Okay.
Bye ig <3

As the tears welled up, a message from my online best friend popped up.

Lexi: She doesn't deserve you. There's other girls/guys in the world. Now tell Loki to leave me alone :p

I smiled, the reminder of my bestie always being there for me making the tears stop.

Me: Thx boo. I'll talk to you later.

Lexi: 'Kay. Bye :^

Me: Bye <3

So, my first heart break. Three simple words, with so much meaning as the words 'I love you.' Happiness turned into sadness. Light to dark..

Author Notes: So, M is Maya, my ex. She decided to break up with me, then say she had mixed feelings about me and someone else. She ended up choosing them, aka Destiny. And it all happened through last Wednesday and today. But she chose, she can't go back. Have a good day/night y'all

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The Clingy Bestfriend
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10 Oct, 2021
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