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My Life Reviews

2 reviews have given an average rating of 5 out of 5 Stars
Kiraa gave a rating of 5

To open up about your past takes great courage and strength, especially when it's one like this. I appreciate you sharing part of your story with us. I agree with the other comment, you should try channeling your emotions into your writing more and maybe it'll help you to get rid of your habits. I know what's it's like to be there, and I know it hurts but, believe me, it's only a chapter in your journey to becoming the great person you're meant to be. Stay strong, Madison.

🌸Fate gave a rating of 5

It is good that you got it off your chest in writing. You should try venting your emotions in it more. It may help out to stop cutting yourself. I know it stopped me when I was your age. Stay strong and move forward. When you are at your worst only the better is up ahead.

Madison_Writes Thank you so much! <3 :,)
Author -
Fallen_Star I care about you Maddi ! You know you can talk to me about anything! it hurts my heart that you don't tell me these things! I love you !

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