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My Mind Reviews

2 reviews have given an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 Stars
Elrond gave a rating of 5

"People like you and me,
aren't welcome anywhere is what I can feel and see,
when I look in the mirror in horror I flee
afraid of myself who I am meant to be
and I know you to don't feel free just like me, people like you and me

People like you and me
Stuck in a cage filled with sadness and rage
Just like a poetry book with hidden meanings
Aha look another secret in the page
Anger, sadness, happiness strange feelings
I should say
Not outside but inside we decay
It takes and steals and throws things away
Well what do you know it's here to stay
People like you and me

Its not that I feel sad but hollow inside
In the back of my mind cold and dark
To feel and laugh ofcourse I lied
My mind is broken chips and cracks just another matk
I feel sad and happy for someone to feel alone
Just like me in your mind you're not on the throne."

I do love your poetry it reminds me of me everyday I hope you make more

Ghost 1 Who the hell are you? That is not out of irritation, its out of disbelief that there are actually other people that understand this state of being, I suppose.
2 This is definetly the most elaborate review I have ever seen
3 How long did that take for you to write?
4 Thank you for the review.
Author -
TheForgotten gave a rating of 4

I liked it, it was interesting. The flow was a little bumpy here and there, but overall it was good.

Ghost Thank you. I mostly speak what I write so sometimes I run into issues transitioning.
Author -

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