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Nevertheless, She Persisted
Nevertheless, She Persisted

Nevertheless, She Persisted


It was a cold and especially rainy night when Elisebeth started on her long journey home. She adorned herself with a heavy winter coat, and warm cashmere mittens, and her big heavy snow boots. Such terrible weather today, she thought to herself, but I must get home before the sun rises over the hilltops. She took a deep breath and walked outside into the cold winter night. She took in the sights around her, what beautiful trees, she thought. No, I mustn't gaze at these trees any longer, I must get home. She kept reminding herself of the great consequences her mother would bestow on her if she did not get home on time. Where Elisebeth came from, there was no such thing as being late, she must always be early. For, the occasion that was awaiting her at home was just too great to miss.

(Sorry, I kind of changed it to first person here)

Alas, as always, there were miniscule complications to her getting home. First, there was the weather, then there was the grand old lady, and lastly, there was Papa. Papa and Mama had been divorced for quite some time now, they despised each other. Do not even try to ask me as to why they got married in the first place, such a topic is too difficult to explain. Every year, when it is time to go home, Papa intercepts my journey. He never ceases to talk about why I should not visit my mother. He says things that should never be said in front of a girl my age. I yearn for the time when Papa will stop talking about Mama. Oh, how I wish she were with me.

(Back to regular narration)

Elisebeth spent five days and five nights traveling until she got to her first stop. Mama would surely be worried if Elisebeth did not stop at the grand old lady’s house on her way home. Mama did not trust Elisebeth to get home safely by herself. The grand old lady would smother Elisebeth with food and drink, and embellish her with divine jewelry and soft-gold riches. For, the grand old lady was rich; she got her money by selling her husband’s cars. You see, the old lady’s husband was long gone, he left the old lady in their mid 30’s. So, the old lady sold his cars for a living. The only obstacle standing in Elisebeth’s way, was the old lady’s kindness. The old lady would never let Elisebeth return on her journey if she hadn't snuck her way out. The old lady treated Elisebeth as a mother, that was why she would never let Elisebeth go.

On a warmer day in mid-winter, Elisebeth reached the grand old lady’s house. She noticed all the lights were off, she heard no noises, no shuffling of the feet. She slowly opened the door and readied herself for a warm embrace. Nothing. Where had the grand old lady gone?

Author Notes: I want to embed a feeling of persistent courage in this short story. I want to show that woman can be just as amazing as men can be. I hope this story really helps you realize the great impact that woman have on this world. I am not quite done yet, so you will find more of the actual content in the sequel: Nevertheless, She Resisted. Hope you enjoyed!

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29 Apr, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
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