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Of All People, Why Me? Chapter 10

Of All People, Why Me? Chapter 10

By PhoebeWang

The first thing Lisa noticed as she regained consciousness was how unbelievable quiet it was. That was unusual. Amanda or Pain would have woken her up screaming for her to get up or their antics would wake her up. The next thing she noticed was how sore her whole body felt. It was like she had been hit by a train. What happened? The final thing was her memories came rushing forward and she sat up with a jolt.

Her actions jostled Pain and Amanda who had fallen asleep at her side as she whimpered in pain. They looked around with blurry eyes before they realized she was awake. She didn’t get a chance to react when they tackled her back down into the bed. The action made her cry out and the duo immediately pulled away in shock. Their actions had drawn the attention of others and the door slammed open.

Tylar glared at them. “What’s going on?”

Nancy was the first to realize what happened. “Lisa? You’re awake?”

She gave a weak smile as they swarmed around her. Inwardly, she was screaming, but her body wasn’t responding to her very well. In fact, her lower half wasn’t moving despite being able to sit up. The thought of being unable to walk terrified her. She wasn’t even an adult yet and she could be crippled for life. Tears formed in the corner of her eyes.

“Lisa, what’s wrong?” asked Patricia as she placed a hand on her shoulder.

“What did I just say?”

Immediately, the group pulled away from her as if stung. Already, she found herself absolutely confused. What had happened while she was unconscious? Who was the man in the wheelchair? Why was she in this place instead of a hospital?

Don’t tell me they went to some shady doctor instead of the hospital.

The thought made her ill. No offense to whoever was treating her, but she would like to know she was given the best treatment possible and she doubted an unofficial doctor could do that. Wasn’t that the reason why they were an unofficial doctor?

An elderly woman stepped into the room. The first thing she thought was that she looked like she would keel over and die at any moment. Moving at a snail’s pace, she placed all her weight onto the cane as her hunched form headed for Lisa. Her wings looked like they were weighing her down. Who was this old lady and why was everyone so terrified of her?

“It’s good to see you’re awake dearie. How are you feeling? Are you pain?” She gave a slight nod and winced when she felt pain again. “I was afraid of that. I only healed the more severe damage. I didn’t want to risk your health trying to heal everything.”

How bad was the damage? She knew getting hit by electricity was no joke, but this doctor made it sound like she would have died. That thought sent her bursting into tears, sending everyone else into a panic. Oh god, she nearly died. If it weren’t for Phrynosoma and the others, she would have died. Why did everything have to happen to her? All she wanted was to go to college and get a job and live a peaceful life.

“There, there. Let it all out.” She felt a wrinkled hand pat her back. “As for the rest of you, get out. You’re obviously distressing my patient.”

The sound of running filled her ears before the door slammed shut. A handkerchief was brought to her face to wipe her tears. She sniffled as she felt the pain go away. Taking a closer look at the doctor, she wondered who she was and why she was helping them. If she was in her situation, she would have immediately sent them to the hospital instead or called the police.


She nodded. “Thank you.”

“It’s my job. Honestly, getting civilians involved, I don’t know what goes on in their heads.”

“Er, they’re not in trouble are they?”

“I think you should be more concerned about yourself. What were you thinking harboring an illegal alien?”

They found out about that!

If they knew, what was going to happen to her? Was she going to actually go to jail? What about the kids? Where would they go?

“Dearie, I need you to remain calm and take deep breaths.”

Easier said than done. Fortunately, the doctor was patient and guided her through her panic. She eased her worries by letting her know what had happened so far. Lisa had been out cold for a couple of days thanks to her injuries and Rebecca, the doctor’s, healing abilities. Apparently, she was part angel so her healing ability wasn’t very strong. It relied heavily on her and the patient’s energy.

Lisa did wonder why she looked so old if she was an angel. Didn’t they have eternal youth? Not eternal life of course because there was no such thing as immortals, but they stayed young looking until the day they died. She didn’t want to be rude and ask. She could only assume the angel blood was very diluted. For some reason, she felt like she should know the old woman, but came up blank.

Rebecca immediately ran some tests. She had been concerned when Lisa mentioned she couldn’t move her legs, but assured her that she was not paralyzed. There was still some damage to her nerves which she promised to deal with after they checked for any other problems. For the pain, she gave her something to take and muttered to herself about fools and hospitals.

Once her checkup was over, she dared to ask what happened. She had school and places to run not to mention Phrynosoma and the kids. Without parental supervision, who knows what kind of damage they could do - she knew exactly what they could do, but for her sanity she tried not to acknowledge it. Lisa desperately hoped that they hadn’t caused trouble while she was gone. She wasn’t sure if she could take it.

Unfortunately, she was out for quite a bit, but someone was at least kind enough to inform the school about her absence. They even brought her homework so she could make it up after she woke up. It would have been nice to be excused, but she suppose it was better than getting a zero.

The tenants had been very understanding and had sent get well gifts. Zemud’s gift was rejected of course. A card saying she better get better or else he was going to kill her himself had set Phrynosoma and the kids off. They were stopped, but they were still upset about it. She was honestly touched in a weird way that he would even send anything to her. It was his way of saying get well she supposed.

Then there was the not so good news. While she was unconscious, Mr. Thompson had investigated. To say he was unhappy was an understatement. He couldn’t understand why she hadn’t come forward and admitted it sooner. She had to admit he was right. If Phrynosoma wasn’t who he was, she could have easily been killed. Not only that, but he did commit crimes under her roof though she had no clue exactly what crimes had been committed.

Whether she might be charged as an adult came up considering how close she was to being legal age. After hearing that, she of course panicked and the doctor hurried to explain that a lawyer had gotten involved. The lawyer part surprised her. When she asked if her parents were coming back, she discovered that they still haven’t been informed what happened. Then where did the lawyer come from?

Kali was a retired lawyer. Funnily enough, her first thought wasn’t why he would represent her or how he found out, but how old was he. He couldn’t possibly be that old. He looked so young and human, but it was possible that he was only a little bit human. She didn’t even know lawyers retired. She thought they kept doing law until they died.

Wait, if he’s a retired lawyer, what is his current job? A secretary? That seems like a downgrade.

Whatever his reasons were, she was glad she had someone on her side. Then she realized she couldn’t even afford a lawyer. How was she supposed to pay him? Was it legal to give him free rent in exchange for his services? Would he even accept that?

It made her dizzy. Ever since she took on the role of landlord, she had been spending time cramming her head with legal jargon. She wasn’t sure how much more she could take. Why couldn’t everything be easy and straight forward?

Rebecca suggested she rest and worry about those later. Another easier said than done situation. How was she supposed to rest when she was in legal trouble and her parents were some unknown location? She was asking for the impossible. Maybe it would have been better if she had never woken up. Well, that wasn’t true. She didn’t want to be dead. Perhaps unconscious until the whole mess was resolved would be better.

Lisa didn’t get a chance to argue when she found herself exhausted. She was out before her head had even hit the bed. Once Rebecca was certain she was out cold, she turned her attention back to the door or rather to the people listening in.

“You can come out now.”

Patricia and Carl had the decency to look ashamed. Everyone else didn’t seem bothered about being called out on their nosiness. Amanda, Pain, and Phrynosoma settled themselves around the bed, staring at Lisa’s sleeping face.

“Why is she asleep again? She just woke up,” said Pain.

“She was in pain which means she hasn’t fully recovered. As you know, healing takes a lot of energy which I don’t have so most of it comes from her. She’ll be out for a while. Hopefully, this will be the last time I need to draw on her energy to heal her. Repeated sessions in a short period is not good for hear health.”

Without warning, she struck everyone with her cane. “Ow!”

“What was that for?” whined Amanda.

“That was for causing so much trouble. Didn’t I say you weren’t allowed in here? I don’t want you distressing my patient when she wakes up.”

Carl rubbed the spot where he’d been hit. “But wouldn’t it be better if she has someone she knows by her side?”

“If it were anyone else, I would say yes. All you would do is worry her more.”

“That doesn’t make any sense,” said Patricia.

“Tough luck. My word is law.”

Tylar backed his wheelchair away. “You better listen to her. It’s either her way or her painful way.”

“Aren’t they the same thing?” asked Patricia.

Seeing Rebecca wave her cane, she promptly shut up. No one was willing to argue with her even Phrynosoma and Daniel as they were shoved out of the room. Phrynosoma had never encountered such a headstrong, elderly woman before. In fact, he was impressed and grateful for her work. He had made attempts to convince her to join in his crusade of ridding the world of scum. Her answer had been several hits courtesy of her cane. It didn’t dissuade him whatsoever.

Daniel, on the other hand, knew better than to mess with his mentor. If it weren’t for her, he wouldn’t have been able to become a doctor. That being said he was only an immunologist. While he did know basic first aid, he mostly dealt with immune system disorders. It was a good thing he knew an emergency medicine specialist like Tylar even if he had never had a patient like Lisa. He just didn’t expect him to call in Rebecca.

Once they were out of the way, Rebecca settled down in a chair. Her weary bones weren’t really up to the task. She missed her younger years. It had been much easier to move around and heal people. Now she could only move at a snail’s pace and she had to rely on her patients to heal themselves - it was using their energy after all.

When she had heard from Tylar, she had been tempted to say no. She swore to stop treating severely injured patients after she had failed to cure Tylar of his paralysis. It stung to know that she couldn’t help everyone anymore. Instead, she opted to be a pediatrician and no one had told her otherwise. Then she heard her would be patient was barely an adult and she couldn’t bring herself to say no.

After hearing the whole story, she was determined that Lisa would get all the help she needed. Honestly, how can anyone think it was a good idea to leave a child alone to deal with all this nonsense? Just because she was almost an adult on paper didn’t mean she was mentally prepared to be one. She would know after dealing with some obnoxious man children.

She was tempted to put Mr. Thompson in that category, but he was just a very stubborn man. He wanted her to let him know when she woke immediately. Rebecca answered back with a wave of her cane and a ‘when she is ready’. It would hinder her health to go over such a traumatic incident so soon. Besides, he already had plenty of testimonies from eye witness. He could surely do without one.

The attempt to force her to comply was not appreciated. Fortunately, no actual fighting happened, but Mr. Thompson was forced to leave the premise. He promised to return at a later time. She did have the pleasure of meeting Kali. He seemed like a sweet man who wanted to do his best to help Lisa out which she gave an instant approval of.

Then again compared to everyone else, he was the only one she could say was the most reliable character. The kids’ attempt at defending themselves - they deserved it; if they’re dead, they can’t hurt anyone - left much to be desired. It did bring up the question of why Lisa let herself be dragged into the chaos. Perhaps she felt intimidated by them and couldn’t bring herself to say no to them.

Lisa would need to grow a backbone or else she would be eaten up by the wolves. She wouldn’t always be lucky to have someone to help her out. Hopefully, the recent incident would be a wakeup call for her. There might not be a next time for her to learn from.

Rebecca would gladly teach her some basic first aid. Speaking of which, she was going to have to ask her who her primary doctor was. No one seemed to have a single clue about her outside the fact she was almost 18 and she was a landlord. If that wasn’t proof of how messed up the situation was, then she had several colorful words she was going to use.

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