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Red Is the Best Colour
Red Is the Best Colour

Red Is the Best Colour

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Everyone loves their old childhood, here I was the exceptional boy with no great feeling and certainly with no friends. Things were normal, as normal as I think them till 16. Having limited friends I was a choose person. After a period of time I realized that things are not in my control. Having a stressful mind I continued with a great distress and feeling of loosing. But that day…

A hint.

Everything was fine other than our maths teacher. She was a kind of total suck..
The peon came up with a letter. He hand over the letter to mam in anxiety although. With a proper Tamil tone She rode it. It was written that “class 10th is permitted to go for picnic”. We were not very excited as ptm was planned before picnic day, but yah it was cool.
The day of ptm was crap. I had borderly passed in marathi. Yes honestly my Marathi is gross. In total uneasy habitat, my mom gave me permission to go for picnic. I packed my somewhat all belongings with me. Also Dark Fantasy desserts, which was needed. After packing every stuff I layed down to bed thinking what will happen tomorrow, and also how to represent ourself.
Next day, I saw almost 7.00. And I was not ready. In hurry I picked my towel and bathed. Wore jean and blue hangout shirt. Wasn’t looking nice but fine. Without wasting time I hurried to school.
The view was nice. But I was a bit nervous. All were looking like top models. First I noticed Priyanka’s pink shoes, they were attractive. Then my friends came up to me, they were annoying but was friends. I didn’t like them anytime. After some time we seated in our new bus. I, Jeet, and of course Gadekar was seated on one row seat. The bus started and disturbing song were played. And also cracked various jokes on petrol pumps and vehicles. The ride was nice.

Lazy day…

Our first stop was a cow yard,their prevention and their stinky products. Actually I forgot the name of the place as it was a hard name. We all gathered at a dusty ground, height wise generally. On side of me stood my friend girl in beautiful red. Honestly she was looking too fabulous. She borrowed me my glasses, I was feeling more special. After some time my old friends forced me to do photoshoot along with sammy. But I denied them as I was hanging out with other team. After 3 hours timepassing we turn to our bus for next stop.

She is next to me!
I climbed up the stairs of the bus. It was looking like seats were changed. So I took the second three seats. I put my bag above the seat and sat near the window. And on side of me obviously Gadeker was there. Then by god grace suddenly that girl in red came on side of us. She asked me “can I sit next to you. Actually I had some work with you, and other sits are full so…”. Initially that shocked me, I was feeling too great and secondly I was blushing. I said to her “of course, you can.” I punched gadeker and offered seat to that girl next to me. Looking my background I know that, but that was my first time of breaking the ice. She asked me that why am I was upset. I told her the disputes between me and Sammy. She was the only one person in my life who told me that do what you like dude. But our conversation got to a another level. She said to me “by the way I look nicer than sammy. Actually I want to tell you that, that… I love you. Yes I love you. I never told you this, but true”. I was spellbound. She had an beautiful vision towards me. I said “Me too, I mean I love you too”. I was knowing that was a prank but I was feeling special. At that moment I realized that how love is created. She was getting closer to me and looked directly in my eyes. That means wow, just wow. So that was my best ride on any bus. Honestly I fallen love with her.
Day starts from here…
With her, I was feeling like my real trip is this. Our next stop was a place near a pond. I almost clicked 19 photos of her and her's one photo out of the 19 is there with me today also. Almost we had a great time at pond side. We arrived from there at 5. Back to bus she was again with me rather on side of me. Playing with her hair she put her head on my shoulder. That means oh my god, I was really, really felt of hugging her but my suker background. Everyone thinks that I am a nerd. No, really I am not, I just love to love. Anyway, our trip ended I said bye to her without nothing. But that’s not the end..

In school….
Actually “sadma laga yar”, she had a boyfriend. Oh shit, when I realized that, I literally thrown cushion on my flower pot. Is this end? Well no. She was my best friend, to prove that I done something. What do girls like?...... Chocolates anyway. I buyed chocolate every day and used to put in in my bag. She most of the time used to pick chocolates from my bags, wow…. But how do I express my views toward her? So I started writing letters to her with love and affection and used to wrap it on Cadbury chocolates. So our letter journey turns good for me as I was been promoted from friend to best friend. That all till boards. What next?

For her anytime
I realized that there is no chance for me to be her boyfriend. Then I used to look at another girls. Liked many but love was missing. My good side is I help everyone, but no one turns to me. So no one was there for me to guide, no one for helping and no one to whom I can share my stuffs. But that red girl was there for me every time, in my goods or in my odds. She was the only one person whom I can tell every single thing. And hanging out with her was just my best moments in life.

What now?
She is my friend or I say best friend. For her I can do whatever I needed. Whatever circumstances come I never let her go. Sorry I was being pathetic. Bad on me. But one last thing that I love that girl in red. So that only I can tell or write.

-A story by TRD.

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10 Dec, 2018
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