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Secrets (Prologue) Reviews

3 reviews have given an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 Stars
Rora gave a rating of 5

I loved how intriguing this was! Great job.

Aspen gave a rating of 4

I love how descriptive it is!

melissak thank you
Author -
Thomas Ray gave a rating of 5

Well, I can't guess the ending, but this was impressive writing. I've got a few things to say, I hope you don't mind.
This feels nore like a chapter one than a prologue--but that's not a bad thing. Usually prologues are parts of the story that either take place a while before the rest, or that are about a different character than the rest of the book. Basically, prologues are critical parts of the story that don't fit in the rest of the narration. This felt a lot like a first chapter because it showed me your character's normal world (with some exciting extraordinary things thrown in) and told me loads about the character herself. Which leads me to the next bit of praise.
Your main character. I hope you're keeping her as the main, because I'm so intrigued. Mostly by the part where she goes and yells at that aweful father. That takes guts! She's seriously so brave, and that took me by surprise. Well done.
The paragraph explaining the red door and music box and taking four friends was beautiful. It felt so intentional and professional, and perfect. It also gave me the feeling that their world is going to change soon. Or maybe that it's already changing.
So good job. You've made a character I already care about in chapter one. Or prologue.
How much more of this do you have, I'm excited. Also, I hope this review doesn't come across as creepy or overbearing; I tend to get a little too excited.

melissak I don't mind I needed some feedback. Thanks to you I know how exciting my book is and I'm inspired to continue it. I'm going to post Chapter 1 (or 2 if this is chapter 1) out today
Author -

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