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She Wolf Pt. 2 Reviews

Andy (Formerly Apemann) gave a rating of 3

The problem I feel with your story is that it all feels a little rushed: as if you have tried to get all of your ideas on paper before you forget them. This leaves some of your scenes a little 'light' in content, leaving the reader having to fill in a lot of the gaps. A little more time taken to flesh-out parts of your story will improve it immeasurably.

On the whole, though, there is the basis here of a good series of stories. I would like to see you trust your story-telling talent more than you do at present to tell a really great story :-)

Jozay Hello, I am actually leaving a lot of detail out purposely. These two first parts are just to grab he readers attention to this mini series. My upcoming parts will be a lot longer and filled with detail. I wanted to let the readers use their imagination with these two first parts. That is one of my favorite things when reading. I do appreciate your feedback and will keep it in consideration when writing the next part! It's in production as we speak!
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