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Short Girl
Short Girl

Short Girl


It was embarassing to be four foot eleven in high school. When people think of short, they normally think five foot three or five foot four. It's hard to live your whole life with people looking down at you, literally. My name is Mia and this is the story of my life being a short girl. When people first look at you, they look at your eyes or your smile or something like that. When people first look at me, the first thing they notice is my height. My mom used to always tell me that I was lucky that I was short because the rain hits me last, but I didn't think so. People judged me before they could even talk to me or get to know me. They would automatically think I was incompetent or something. Often times, I wished I was my parents biological daughter because then I would be the average height. Even when I went to the doctors I was to small and light I wasn't even on the charts! Some people told me that it was unhealthy for me to be this small at my age, but I just remember that Ariana Grande is only five feet tall and then I feel better. I got so used to laughing it off, I just thought of my height as a joke. People didn't know that it really hurt me when they made fun of my height. I didn't need to feel more insecure about something that I already felt really insecure about in the first place. Of course I would grow taller! My growth spurt was for sure coming soon. I even thought about using growth hormones to make my legs longer. I always felt like people were always staring at me even if they weren't.

Author Notes: I'm sorry if the ending was a little abrupt, but I felt like I had said everything about being short that I wanted to. I didn't want to drag on the story longer with extra points that I didn't need to talk about. Have a great day! :)

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20 May, 2020
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1 min
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