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Snap! Snap!

Snap! Snap!

By Sadaf Awan - 1 Review

In his mind the trees would have been black trunks against a bluish charcoal sky, the path a deepest shade of brown and the moonlight would have bleached the black stones white. Hadn't all the paintings of woodlands depicted the same?

Stepping into the forest had robbed both the husband and the wife of one sense and heightened the other. It seemed disoriented to be almost blinded but given the ears of a wolf. Blackness surrounded them completely. If there was a moon above, it's silvery rays were unable to penetrate through the dense forest canopy. It would be no blacker in a coffin, six feet under and piled with dirt. By touching the trees they navigated their way through the forest, but it seemed like they had been going around in mere circles. He breathed in the cold air rapidly; he had claustrophobia and the darkness had frightened him of being confined. Though the forest was an unbroken path which stretched on for miles. They were too far in to go back.

After wandering for what seemed like hours they reached a cottage whhich was surrounded by high fence and thick trees. The aura of the cottage gave him creepy vibes. Ignoring the distant hooting of owls, hair-raising howling of wolves and the faint tug of disapproval by his heart he pushed open the cold-brass iron gate. Grabbing hold of her frozen-trembling hand he trudged ahead confidently but meekly. Knocking on the red brick door ,of the cottage, he waited for a response- when he heard none he welcomed himself in just to be flooded by the eerie silence. It seemed like the place had seen better days; however, right now it seemed given away to dust and cobwebs, to silence and soltitude. Their heart beats escalated; nothing except for the random squeaking of the floorboard and timely growling of a bear could be heard. A musty smell of dried blood engulfed the surrounding; making him gulp.

A large, airy window covered with an inch thick layer of dust and dirt blocked all possible paths of seeming light; the furniture seemed out-dated(nothing but spiders and tiny cobwebs abided there). A large portrait of a man ,hung on the wall, glowed in the darkness. Clunging to each other, they ascended the staircase. It felt like they were groping amongst tombs, disturbing their privacy. To their delight a floor mattress, rusty sheets and an old ragged carpet lay in the master bedroom. Deciding to get some rest, they lay on the mattress and covered themselves with the carpet to get away from the bone-chilling cold. They waddled off into a deep dreamless slumber in mere seconds

Sameul was woken up by a distant snapping sound coming from admist the forest. Rousing his energy- he pushed away the carpet and walked to the window. Considering the fact that the irritating sound wouldn't stop and that the rust was too deeply set to be moved by him alone, he hesitantly woke her up. Together, half-asleep, they pushed the window open. Annoyed Sam stuck his face out of the window and shouted into the night to no one in particular, "Hey, is anyone there?"

Noticing the disappointment on his face she said, "Maybe, it's someone who can't talk."

Valuing her point of view he spoke into the night once again, "If someone is out there snap once as yes and twice as no."

Not long after an echoing snap was heard which echoed for a couple of seconds. Terrified, Sam asked further, "Are you a man."

"Snap! Snap!"

"Are you a woman?" Sam questioned,afraid of the upcoming answer.

"Snap! Snap!"

"Are you the owner of this house?" Sam asked a question he dreaded.


"Snap once for everyone present there with you," he looked at her with eyes drawn and grety. her eyes too mimiced the restlessness his eyes held.

"Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap!..........................."

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About The Author
Sadaf Awan
About This Story
22 Mar, 2020
Read Time
3 mins

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