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The timer ticked ever so faintly as I lay on my bed, doodling. Just barely a sound. A sound like the beating of a butterfly's wings, not even truly a noise. No one really noticed the timers, they were just sort of… there. “Oh, nothing important” they’d say. Yeah, nothing important except that it basically determines every moment of our life after it stops. It was nothing to be afraid of, though. I hadn’t noticed it when I was six, playing in the sandbox, or when I was 10, starting my first day of art school. I shouldn’t care about it now, or later, or any other time in the future. But I did. And I knew I always would.

Kara got her soulmate when she was 9, Tod Evans. Jen got hers two weeks ago, Finn Dasisket. “When is it my turn!” I mumbled to no one in particular, even though I knew the answer perfectly well. I stared at my timer,

I 2 months I 1 week I 4 days I 3 hours I 16 minutes I 23 seconds I

I sighed. Two months seemed like forever, but I didn’t really want it come anyway. But I did. I have mixed feelings about it. Even if it is a good thing, all the boys at my school are ugly and disgusting. I sketched an outline of an angel, wishing that the timers never even existed.

* * *

Two months passed and the timer still counted down. Today is the day. The day I meet my soulmate. Each approaching day I’ve felt more and more nervous. My nerves are practically shaking in fear and every moment seems to drag on. My Mom told me to stop being dramatic but I can’t. Every breath seems like it’s going to be the last. Every step makes me feel weaker. She also told me to just be myself, sandy blonde hair pulled back messily and grayish-blue eyes shining like the morning sun. Smile. But I know it’s going to be someone I despise. That’s who my dad was.

When my Mom was 17, her timer clicked. She heard two glass timers hit the floor and shatter, and turned around to see Travis Bincombe. The tallest boy in the school at 6’3, white blonde hair, blue eyes and a total class clown. She despised him from the minute she saw him, and the fire in her eyes showed it. At the age of 21 she “suddenly fell in love” with him and everything was happy-go-lucky and they got married. Then I came into the world, and from the age of six I knew I didn’t want a soulmate, because what right does this timer have to tell me who to love?

I try to push away my nervous thoughts as I step through the doors of the school, but I still feel like I'm going to have a panic attack every time I glance at my timer.

I 11 minutes I 52 seconds I

“What’s up Lilac?” Jen stood in the center hallway. Jen’s been my best friend since I joined Art school when I was 10. She flipped her auburn hair out of her face and turned toward me. She immediately knew something was wrong.

“Nothing much except I'm writhing in pure stress and terror because today is the day. You?” I replied sarcastically.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEE! LILAC! WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME SOONER?” Jen was squealing (more than squealing, like bursting with a total explosion of FanGirl joy.) She acted as if she’d just met her celebrity crush or something, and had a smile on her face so big, I didn’t even know it was possible to be that happy. “OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GAUUUUUUUUUUUSH!!!! Who do you think it’ll be? Bradley? Tim? Jake? OOH JAKE! YES, Jake is a CUUUUUU-TIEEEEEEE” She was practically talking a million miles an hour.

“Calm down Jen! I don’t know who it’ll be. I'm just nervous”

“I feel ya. I went through this two weeks ago. It’s very nerve wracking. Just be yourself! I'm sure whoever it is will love you. Of course they will. They have to. It. Is. Your. SOULMATE! EEEEEEEEEEE!” I said bye and headed to class.

As I departed with Jen, I took the long trek up to floor 7, design and graphics. I was early per usual, so I could take some time to calm my screaming nerves. I walk into the classroom, and thought that maybe I wasn’t so early after all. A boy with strawberry blonde hair sat at a desk in the left corner of the room, I've never seen him before.

I knew instantly that this was it. I could tell. My hands began to sweat, my stomach flipped in anticipation. Calm down! I told myself. He’s just your lifelong soulmate. I opened the door slowly with a trembling hand.

1 minute.

55 seconds.



I walk slowly, thinking about my last steps before my life is changed forever. He doesn’t seem to notice me.

30 seconds.



I approach the seat right behind this boy, but trip over something on the floor. A flash of black and something grips around my waist moments before impending embarrassment.




A click sounds and the clanking of two timers hitting the floor seems to echo through the room. I am rolled backwards, and as crystal-like green meets gray blue, a suave voice smooth as melted caramel fills the air. The sweet moment hangs for what seems like forever.

“So, darling, we’re soulmates? Goodmorning love. I'm Dante.”

As I stare back into his eyes and examine every inch of his face, I realize that he has the deepest, most inviting eyes I’ve ever seen. If I spent the rest of my life staring into his eyes... Quit thinking about that and introduce yourself! I think.

“Hello Dante,” I say blushing. What are you supposed to say to something so charming? “I'm Lilac Combe.” My face reddens with embarrassment. What do I say, what can’t I say? I don’t want to be bland but I don’t know this boy, and I'm supposed to suddenly fall in love with his, radiant smile and... beautiful green eyes?

“That name is beautiful.” The moment ends as I realize I am still hanging in his arms. I awkwardly try and step up, but fall forward right into his arms again. We are now half standing, half swaying in a hug position, and I end the moment by stepping backwards, and nearly falling over again.

“Would you like to take a seat next to me?” I nod probably too enthusiastically. I’ve never met this boy, and I’m mentally freaking out about how much I like him. Who is he? What does he like? Where’d he come from? He goes to art school too? What are the odds of that?! Actually, the odds are 100%, because the timer said so. I lose all sense of nervousness in my body and urge myself to move forward. I take a seat next to Dante, who pulls out my chair for me romantically. I accept the gesture and sit down.

“So, now that we’re soulmates, and we have some time before class starts, how about we get to know each other?” I say, trying to carry on a conversation that we should probably have. “So, you know… I’m Lilac… The girl who always makes herself look stupid in any social situation, especially today…” I blush and manage a weak giggle at my own joke. “Anyway, where are you from?”

“Kentucky, we moved to Oregon last month, and I was just enrolled in art school here. Today’s my first day, clearly, and I’m already loving it.” He has a small, mischievous grin on his face. I’m loving today too. I wonder if any day will ever feel as good as today does. Probably not. Maybe, but probably not. “I’m new. I don’t know anybody, except you, darling,” My skin prickles with a sudden rush of exhilaration. Nobody has ever called me darling before. I’m not sure I like it, but today, I will be darling. I will be his. I like the idea of a cute nickname, but again, I don’t really know this boy. I know he used to live in Kansas, and that he’s an art dweeb like me, but that’s pretty much it. “Would you be willing to show me around?” I look his way and smile.

“Of course I will!”. I began to examine him, the parts of him that weren’t his facial features. Black jeans and a pastel blue and pink tye-dye shirt. Nice. Not really what I would expect for a guy like him, but he’s still adorable and I would love to show him around.

Today is the first day of a lifelong full of happiness.

Author Notes: So yeah this is just something I found on my computer and??? It was inspired by a writing prompt I saw on the tumblr blog @writing-prompts. It's pretty bad, but hope you liked it.
:/ ',:)

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9 Mar, 2018
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