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STARFALL- Chapter 2
STARFALL- Chapter 2

STARFALL- Chapter 2


I shuddered, his screams still echoing in my ears. It had been so easy to kill him. Just a flick of the wrist or even a quick order and the ground opened beneath me. In a blink of an eye, poof! Gone!

I'd always hated killing people but I'd been bred, trained over the past years to kill. I never liked the way they screamed as I burned them alive or stabbing them from behind. But I had to kill them in order to keep alive. The doctor had been hunting me for a couple of years already and I was starting to get tired of running.

The thought of giving in flickered through my mind. No. I would never go back there, never re-experience the same horrors. The scar on my back was enough to keep me going. Just the thought of the knife scraping through my bare skin kept me awake at night.

I shook off those horrible thoughts and surveyed the parking lot. I hadn't done much damage except for a broken window. It didn't matter though because not many people remained in this neighborhood after the war.

The war I'd participated in. The war I'd killed in. I was sent onto the battlefield with all the other STARFALL to kill thousands of men. Innocent men and women. I'd even killed children. The wind picked up around me as the moon rose higher into the sky. The dark blue bled into the pink orange sky as I walked towards the nearby ocean.

I'd always loved the ocean. I loved the way the waves crashed onto the beach and moved the golden sand. I loved the way my toes felt in the cool sand and how my skin felt after swimming for hours. The sound of the seagulls above always reminded me of my family and the memories I'd made during our beach vacations. Before the war. Before I was taken.

I crossed the quiet street and walked into the cool sand. I removed my boots and socks and inserted my feel, smiling. The sea breeze ruffled my hair and blew it in my face. I giggled and blew it out of my face and stared at the horizon.

The waves crashed loudly as the moon rose higher into the sky. Stars started to appear in the dark sky, their beauty leaving me breathless.

I loved sitting on the beach and just watching the stars. I did it as often as possible despite the danger of being found by the doctor's assassins. The stars provided comfort in this dark world I lived in. They light up the streets now covered in trash and empty, only stains to remind the few inhabitants of the war that took place.

The waves crashed harder against the beach, salty spray splashing in my face. I smiled to myself, remembering the few good memories I still had. Running on the beach, a kite trailing behind me, my parents laughing, my dog laughing. I smiled wider.

My dog licking my face, the sand spraying as he dug holes in the ground, looking for small treasure. My kite flying away into the sky, the wind carrying it away. I could almost feel it in my hands, the red fabric, soft in my small hands.

I frowned. Red. Blood red. The color of my enemies bodies, the color of my parent's blood. The color that stained my hands after I completed my first mission. I shook my head, hoping to quiet the demons inside my head.

I cupped the cool sand in my hands and let it seep through my fingers. The sand seeped away quickly leaving a little treasure in my hand. I turned over the pink shell in my hand, sighing at its beauty.

I missed them. I missed not having to hide. Being free. I missed everything I used to have.

The wind picked up, the birds now quiet. I tucked the shell in my pocket and pulled on my boots.

Time to go home.

I shot up into the sky, the air ripping at my face. The city and the ocean grew smaller as I flew up higher. The crashing of the waves slowly faded welcoming the sound of silence, my only companion.

I leveled myself, flying away from the center of the city, heading toward my home, a small hideout. It was small enough for one person. Maybe two.

I flew for a while and after narrowly colliding into a bird, the out skirts of the city came into view. The small streets were lined with small trees, desperately trying to survive in the suffocating pollution. There were few flowers and only a few small spaces of grass. The buildings were made up of different shapes and sizes, all of them painted in different shades of grey. Nothing to pretty.

I landed with a thud and waltzed over to my small hideout, hidden by the looming buildings above. It was made out of wood and there were only a few windows. The ocean was near, near enough for the waves and the seagulls to be heard from my small living room. There was only one entrance, a wooden door with an old lock.

I turned the doorknob, checked my surroundings and briskly walked into the small room. The door shut behind me with a thud, blocking out most of the ocean's rumbling. The room before me, was old and the walls, a bleak color of beige, were starting to peel. The window in the small kitchen, above the sink was closed by gave a beautiful view of the ocean. The small door to the bathroom was nearly falling off its hinges and my poor excuse of a bed, a medium sized mattress, had fuzz and cotton falling out.

I'd never bothered bringing anything with me when I changed location. I only kept my few clothes, the STARFALL combat suit I was given, a few photographs and my katanas; which I'd buried deep under my clothes.

I turned around and without a single thought, the water in the bathtub started running. I peeled off my sweaty clothes and took off my boots. In a blink of an eye, the bath water started steaming, heat escaping from the small bathroom. I slipped in, a sigh of relief escaped my mouth as I became fully immersed in the water.

I shut my eyes, recalling today's events. In a few minutes, I'd drifted off into the nuary, a unique type of sleep only STARFALLs can do. It's a sort of lucid dream.

I breath in deeply, aware that I'm in the nuary.

I'd always loved the nuary, it gave me a way to escape the real world, the nightmare of living.

My muscles relaxed as I fell deeper into the nuary, the familiar sound of waves greeting me.

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24 Jan, 2020
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