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STARFALL- Chapter One
STARFALL- Chapter One

STARFALL- Chapter One


I clenched my fist, harnessing the elements within me. I could feel them flowing through my veins, the raw, uncontrollable power. The powers I was given, the ones that makes me special, make me dangerous.

My palms heated up and embers swirled around me as I shuffled into a fighting stance.

Three armed men dressed in black lunged at me, anger etched on their faces. There not a single hint of fear in their eyes. They didn't know who I was, what I was. They just blindly obeyed the doctor.

She'd been hunting me ever since I'd escaped Allasia, the compound were I was held and made into a STARFALL.

I lift my hands, flames crackling within my palms and shoot them down at one of my attackers. The tendrils of fire hit him point-blank in the face, knocking him to the ground.

He tries to get up, but it's too late, fire engulfs him, burning him. The man lets out a muffled scream as the essence of burning flesh enters my nostrils sending a shiver down my spine.

His ashes are soon whisked away by a small breeze, erasing any traces of his existence.

I've never liked killing people, I hate it. I hate the way they scream as I drown them in their own fluids, the way they whimper as ice slices through them. I hate what I've become, what the doctor made me.

The two men in front of me cower in fear as they watch their companions ashes fly away, carried by the breeze. They hesitated gripping their weapons tightly, struggling to remain confident. Despite the danger I was. Despite the danger they had to kill.

Their hesitation was enough for me to turn around and run. I needed to get out of here. I sprinted across the parking lot, my feet pounding loudly on the dark concrete. I dodged several rocks and branches in my path. But despite my enhanced STARFALL abilities, I wasn't fast enough.

At the sight of their target running, the two men snapped out of their trance and charged toward me. One of them unsheathes a dagger and throws it at me, nearly missing my left shoulder. I skid to a halt realizing that I'd have to fight my way out of this one. A curse escapes my mouth as they come barreling towards me, determination etched on their faces.

They gained on me quickly, the sound of their feet stomping the ground, resonating in my head. One of them lunges for my head, ready to strangle me. I dodge him and kick him in the head. He falls to the ground but quickly gets back up, ready to fight again. The other assailant reaches for my feet, attempting to bring me to the ground.

I exhale deeply, my breath now cold. The familiar freezing cold, flows through my veins and coats my right hand in frost.

I lift my right hand, summon three spikes of ice and shoot them down at one of my opponents. The spikes fly through the air, the familiar whizzing resonating in my ears. I smile loving the feeling of the power in my body.

With a flick of my wrist, the three spikes embed themselves in three different locations. Red blood flies as the first spike embeds itself into his head. The man stares at me in shock as the second hits him in the chest and knocks him down to his knees. My attacker clutched his chest, panting and spits blood on my boots.

"Stupid girl." he spits as the spike third plunges straight into his heart, killing him instantly. His body slumps on the floor, dead.

I grimaced at the horrible site, a wave of nausea sweeping over me. I inhaled a deep breath and clenched my fist again, preparing to fight. The ice and familiar cold retracts and my hands warm up again. I step over the newly formed pool of glistening blood and located the last attacker.

My opponent stood a couple feet away, shaking in fear. He cowered and sobbed as he stepped over his companion's dead body. I narrowed my eyes, challenging him, daring him to fight me. I took a step closer to him. Closer.

I raising my hands, flames dancing in my eyes.

Despite all the fear and the adrenaline in his veins, he charges at me, roaring a battle cry. He aims for my head but I duck and roundhouse kick him in the head, hurling him down the street. I stand strong, pushing away the thought of blood. He pushes himself up from the ground, anger dancing in his eyes.

He hesitated but the small medallion around his neck that I hadn't noticed before, glowed slightly. The same medallion that I had around my neck, but mine never glowed. I shrugged off my growing curiosity and focused on the man in front of me.

He was rather short and wasn't very muscular. He wore a black sleek combat suit, made for running and moving very fast. The same I'd worn when I was with the doctor. The same I'd worn when I'd gone on my missions.

The wind picked up around me and the parking lot grew silent. The air became colder, but it was a familiar feeling. Despite the familiar cold, I was grateful for the warm mask I wore.

The man stares at me dead in the eyes, expecting me to show signs of fear. I'm not scared, I've never been and never will. I wasn't made to be scared.

He cocks the gun and points it straight at my head.

He cocks the gun and points it straight at my head. He smirked and approached me slowly.

"Come with me darling and I won't have to kill you," he said, the medallion around his neck humming. "Don't make me harm you."

I stepped back, well aware that he was lying. I knew the minute I got close to him, he'd pull the trigger and murder me, without thinking.

"No I don't think I will," I said, the pavement beneath my feet cracking." If I were you, I'd run."

A loud rumbling echoed across the parking lot and on my command, the ground opened beneath my opponent. He stumbled back, letting go of his gun. It fell to the ground, the sound of metal hitting the pavement, ringing in my ears. He tried to steady himself, but it was too late.

The great chasm I'd created under him, swallowed him up. With a flick of my finger, the earth closed, leaving the pavement cracked.

I turned around and walked away, the sound of my feet resonating in the silent night.


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4 Jan, 2020
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