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STARFALL- Prologue pt.2
STARFALL- Prologue pt.2

STARFALL- Prologue pt.2


I remember that horrific night so well. It was the night of my 14th birthday and I’d gone to bed after a long day of partying and opening presents. It was raining hard and the fast drops of water against my window had rocked me into a peaceful sleep. The house was quiet except for my small dog who snored lightly in the corner of the living room, guarding. My parents slept in the adjacent room, peacefully. They’d spent the day giving out drinks and food to my friends and I during our party.

Who knew such a heavenly day could turn into a hell of a night? We were sleeping peacefully until our dog started barking loudly. Too loudly. It ran around in circles, yapping loudly. I ignored the barking and tried to fall back asleep, relieved when the dog abruptly stopped barking. Too abruptly.

Without a warning, our front door was knocked down, our dog shot and left bleeding on the floor. Ten men, armed to the teeth with guns in their arms, stormed up the stairs to our bedrooms. Their heavy footsteps still resonate in my head and the sound of the two gunshots too. They quickly shot my parents, before they could scream, warn me. They marched into my room and pulled the covers off my bed. It was a living nightmare.

They grabbed me, their grip so tight, I couldn’t move. The last thing I remember was the sound of a tranquilizer and a needle in my arm before the world went dark.

I woke up the next day in a prison cell, disoriented and extremely tired. The cell was small except for a bench and a toilet in the corner. My hands were tied and my arm was bandaged where they’d shot me with the tranquilizer. The room was cold enough for me to see my breath and make my teeth chatter.

I had no idea where I was and I barely even remembered who I was. I was alone for days with the scream from other cells and the shadows as my only companions. My stomach growled loudly and my throat was parched and I barely slept a wink each night, nightmares plaguing my mind.

Finally after countless lonely nights, a woman in a white coat with a medallion around her neck entered my cell. She placed a bowl of soup in front of me and fed me slowly. Her eyes were brown but there was nothing comforting in them. I reluctantly ate, knowing she who she was She was the one responsible for the death of my parents and my capture.

Once I was done, she dragged me into another room, tendrils of darkness wrapping around me. We passed many cells, filled with other children like me. Other victims. I’d wanted to scream but a hand clamped my mouth shut, preventing me from making any sound. She threw me onto a table, the dark power pinning me to the metal table. The doctor rolled up my sleeve and dabbed it with cool alcohol. The room was silent except for the dripping of an IV bag. The room was bright and cold, and place where horrors hid in the shadows. Without a warning, I was jabbed with a needle and a substance was injected into my system.

I felt nothing until it took over. My world rocked, crumbled and crashed. I shook and trembled on the table, a scream escaping my mouth as it took over. My vision blurred and my nose bled. It felt like my arms had been ripped off and sewed back on. My mind hurt, everything hurt. The pain was tremendous, mind-bending, spirit-crushing. I was dragged back into my cell, left alone with the darkness and my demons.


Author Notes: hope you enjoyed it.

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4 Jan, 2020
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3 mins
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