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STARFALL- Prologue pt.3
STARFALL- Prologue pt.3

STARFALL- Prologue pt.3


The pain didn't stop until three weeks later. Every night I woke up drenched in sweat, tired from being chased by my fears and the darkness. I was alone, no one came to see me except for an assistant who took my vitals every day. He always avoided eye contact or any conversation. After his fourth visit I gave up on trying to convince him to let me go. Whenever he would hesitate or make any move to free me, the medallion around his neck, glowed softly. It’s as if he was controlled by it.

Finally, after countless weeks, I was brought into a bathroom with a bunch of other girls. They were all different except for our common age. 14. They all had scars and marks like me, they all looked scared and tired like me. They'd also gone through the same treatment as me. Several assistants cleansed me, brushed my hair and dressed me in what seemed like a combat suit. They never looked at me in the eyes and all wore the same medallion. Adn when every they hesitated their medallions hummed and glowed. I was given twin katanas, sheathed behind my back and a handgun to attached to the holster at my hip. Confusion and fear filled my mind as I looked at my new self in the mirror.

My brown eyes were replaced an amethyst purple and my hair was longer and sleeker. It was no longer dark brown but hazelnut colored. On my wrist, right where I used to wear bracelets, were stars. I had stars tattooed on my wrist. Five stars. I was experiment number five.

They took my outside with the others to a training ground. It was a large courtyard filled with weights, chains, many weapons and many other contraptions used to train assassissins. We were surrounded by giant, looming brick walls, topped with barb wire. We were locked in.

I was taken there everyday to fight. I lifted weights, learned self defence and how to use an assortment of weapons. Mainly my twin katanas and how to fire a gun.

And most of all, I learned how to use my powers. It was new to me, I’d never felt anything like it. Strangely, I loved the way fire crackled in my hands or how the wind could pick me up and transport me. I loved the way ice formed in my hands and how the ground shook under my feet. Or how water flowed from my hands or how I could breathe underwater. I loved my powers, just not the way I used them.

I used to them to kill, murder innocent people. The fire that crackled in my hands was used to burn and the water that flowed through my veins, to drown. I learned to fly and snatch the air right out of people’s lungs , how to shake the earth beneath me or to open chasims. The ice I loved so much was turned into ice spikes, sharper than a sword. I became powerful, dangerous. We became dangerous.

We were all sent out on different missions, sometimes alone or in pairs but never all ten of us.

One day , all ten STARFALL experiments were sent out to kill. We were sent to a battle field and were ordered to kill thousands of soldiers. We didn’t know them we just killed without a thought, like we were trained to.

Some STARFALL killed with the earth, some killed with water, others with fire and ice. Some even used the darkness around us to blend in. Others just sucked the life out of them. Several entered the soldiers minds, driving them insane and tore them apart from the inside. It was a bloody mess. We felt no fear but we felt pain.

We suffered small injuries such as scratches or little scars. Nothing too bad thanks to some of our healing abilities.

I remember washing off all the blood, the sink now stained. A soldier had snuck up behind me and slashed me in the face with a knife, making a small scar. I’d burned him to ash. and staring at myself in the mirror. I was disgusted with myself. I hated how I’d like burning him, and killing all these people. I’d become something else, something worse. I was a machine, a monster. I didn't have a name. I was STARFALL experiment number five. I served the doctor and nobody else.

But that night something happened. One of the experiments, one who could enter people's minds, told us that he planned to escape. He told us that there was a weak point in the training ground, where we could break through the fence and leave. We planned to do the next night. I had a hard time falling asleep that night, excitement and hope filling my mind. We’d leave, we’d be free.

For the first time in months, I was happy. But not for long.

Finally the night arrived. It was a calm night except for the storm brewing above us, most likely from a few STARFALL who could control lightning.

We all escaped from our cells, eager to be free. I unsheathed my katanas and ran faster, cutting down guards like blades of grass. We burned, drowned electrocuted, and killed everyone in our way. We were STARFALL. We were the most dangerous group of assassins, what could stop us?

Everything was going as planned until the Doctor herself came out. Tendrils of darkness escaped her hands as she strangled two STARFALL. She held their bodies in the air before dropping them on the ground like trash. The medallion at her throat hummed and grew very bright. Suddenly all the guards around us who wore those blue medallions lunged for us, faster than before. They charged and killed us one after the other.

I ran faster, jumping up into the air and pushing off from benches and burning as many guards as I could. Five STARFALL fell right after the other, their bodies slumping on the ground.

It was a massacre. The end of STARFALL.

I made it out. And so did two others. I didn’t not see their faces, I didn’t know who they were or where they went. I only cared for my life, not wanting to go back. I flew for days, swam with the fish, away from the island. I walked through mountains and jungles to escape the clutches of the doctor. I was constantly chased, hunted.

Luckily I found a home, a small hideout in the city. I’ve grown accustomed to fighting off the doctor’s men, to fight for my life.

Everyday I wonder if the last two STARFALL experiments made. I've never risked finding them, in fear of being chased once again by the doctor.

Until now.

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4 Jan, 2020
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5 mins
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