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STARFALL- Prologue
STARFALL- Prologue

STARFALL- Prologue


In the year of 3045, a scientist named Dr.starlight, found a way to harness the elements of the earth. These untamable powers were turned into a substance which she used to create a team of elite assassins.

She was insane, hungry for power and stopped at nothing, for nothing until she reached her goal: To become the commander of an elite team of assassins who terrorized the world. To kill all her enemies and make the remaining people of earth, bow down to her and beg her not to kill them.

She spent years searching for this substance, years searching for ways to harness these powers, these untamable elements. The doctor searched and killed, ransacked villages and murdered hundreds. She stopped for no one, greed and insanity plaguing her mind.

Until the summer of 3045, she had no luck finding a way to achieve her goal. Until one hot day, a man arrived at her doorstep. The sun was scorching hot and the heat had forced the doctor to remain cooped up in her laboratory with the A/C on at full blast. The man had barged into her laboratory, a bag full of notebooks and scattered papers. He’d rushed over to the table and shown her his notes. This man, this stranger, had found a way of reaching her goal. He’d found a way for her to harness the untamable, to control the uncontrollable.

The doctor had him explain and show him all of his work. She watched him from afar as he worked, scribbling on paper, mixing mixtures and spending long nights in her laboratory. He worked for weeks, testing the doctor's patience. She needed the formula, the substance soon as she’d recently made plans to sell her substance, her power. The man, for she hadn’t ever asked for his name, told her he needed more time.

He knew what horrors she was going to make with this experiment. HIS experiment. As he stayed late and worked harder and harder each day with the doctor watching his every move, doubt filled his mind. He wondered more and more whether or not he was doing the right thing or whether he was dooming the remaining people of earth. He wondered what the doctor would do with him once he was done. Once she was finished with him. He saw how she acted, how she killed anyone in her path, even innocent people.

One day after all his hard work, all the months he spent cooped up in her laboratory, being her slave, he’d made it. He’d created the substance. The dangerous STARFALL substance. Capable of giving a mere human untamable powers, the powers of a god. Doubt and fear crowded his mind, he feared his life as he saw the doctor walk in and watch him everyday. He knew days were numbered.

With only a few options left, he decided to escape with the substance and destroy it, hoping to avoid the inevitable. He left in the middle of the night, through a small window in the laboratory. He ran fast, towards the edge of the small island, hoping to get on a boat before she noticed his absence. He made it as far as the beach before she struck him down. She shot him in the leg and made him lie there, on the brink of death while she took the substance. He remembered seeing her face, the evil smile and those eyes filled with insanity.

After stealing the substance, she injected into herself, and let the powers take over.

Darkness filled the night as tendrils of power strangled him and choked the life out of his poor helpless body. He was plunged into the dark, killed and remade. He was torn apart, remade and destroyed, any shred of hope gone too. She broke his mind, played with it, twisted his memories, toyed with his nightmares only to leave him to be swallowed up by his fears. The power was endless, neverending and inhuman. God like.

And when she was done, his body mangled and bloody she left him there to die, her last shred of humanity lost forever. This was the start of the end, the start of a new era. The start of her reign of terror.

With the substance in her hands, she was unstoppable. The government feared her and obeyed her every command. She murdered the president and all important figures to ensure she had complete power over the government. She replaced them with her own men, controlled by a medallion around their necks. All it took was one command and all who wore these medallions, bowed down to her and obeyed her every command.

Once everything was complete and the chaos settled down, she began phase two of her plan. The elite team of assassins, STARFALL assassins. Later that year, a dozen men were sent out to kidnap children and take them to a military compound. Five boys and five girls.


Author Notes: Sorry I haven't been active in a while. I just was really busy and was going through some stuff.

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4 Jan, 2020
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4 mins
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