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UGH! Coughing and wheezing, I spluttering sand out of my desert dry mouth. Although I was only half conscious, the intense heat of the sun on my sweaty shoulders immediately filled me with searing agony, awakening me fully. The salt of the sea was a sharp but heavenly smell: it awakened all senses and surfaced memories of seaside family fun. But this was no fun family outing....

Who would've guessed it? This bewitching and majestic ocean, the very same ocean that elegantly caressed the smooth rocks with delicate waves as peaceful as the night sky was a murderer. It had taken my old life that I loved and squeezed it with strangling seaweed fingers until only a small shard of me was left. I wandered where my family was. Where they even alive? Only now, thinking of my beloved family drowning in the heartless and bloodthirsty monster named the ocean, did I realise how lucky I was to be alive.

"Thank you! Thank you!" I fell to my knees with such force that I grazed my arm on a nearby shell. I was oblivious to the stinging sensation in my arm and continued to grovel at the sky. Being a rich kid from New York City, I had never fully appreciated life; I had taken gifts that I could only dream of now for granted. It would be a long time - if never - until I dined on my favourite spaghetti bolignase. SNAP! The dreaded sound of someone or something snapping a twig behind me brought me back to reality. "Calm down Gabby" I thought to myself. "It could've just been the wind." Sn.....AP. There it was again, louder and more forceful than the last time. I had to make a decision. Fight or flight?

The jungle was alive with kaleidoscope colours and defining sounds. I hadn't imagined it to be this beautiful. I could feel the jungle's warm and humid breath exhaling gently onto my clammy neck. Serene turquoise water reflected the gleaming light of the morning sun. Occasionally, fallen mangos thwacked the squishy ground blanketed in lush green grass. The aroma of the sun-kissed mango's juicy flesh oozing out filled my whole body with a blissful scent. Carefree monkey chatter-chattered excitedly as they darted through the trees like shooting stars.

SNAP. SNAP. SNAP! Closer and closer. Faster and faster. Until...silence. The unnerving presence of watchful eyes bore into the back of my head like lasers. I could sense the beast's vengeful aura and snarling expression. It wanted me dead. That, I was certain of.

I had hesitated too long. RARRR! Dagger like claws. Streaks of fury. The pain. Everything was a blur of blood and screams. I was being slaughtered by a tiger on a desert island in who knows where. The pure hopelessness of the unfortunate situation struck me with a bolt of lightning courage. I knew I couldn't kill this merciless beast...but I could hide.

Sweat drizzled down my forehead as I literally ran for my life. I raced through the clump of umbrageous trees and spiked bushes. My heart was beating faster than raindrops and my eyes stung as a single, crystal tear, rolled down my red face and splattered on the ground below. I was going to die.

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16 Feb, 2017
Read Time
2 mins

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