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The Lost Island of Tabetha
The Lost Island of Tabetha

The Lost Island of Tabetha


Ashlyn frantically rumaged through her backpack while panicking over how much time she had left. A few minutes later, she was gasping for air while holding a leather bound book. The book was small, with round corners and a leather strap covering the front. There were many a page that were loose from the hand-sewn seams. Each page had a scribbled date at the top, the first one was March 8, 1927. It wrote, you are now my most prized possesion. Mother has died, and father has gone to the hospital. I don't think crying will help though. It's 3:45 PM right now and i'm sitting besides father's hospital bed. We were lucky Uncle Zeik was kind enough to supply us with the money to heal father. Uncle Zeik and his wife, Aunt Margie are very mysterious. Apparently, Aunt Margie's ancestors were royalty to a small island in the east. This island was called Tabetha. Aunt Margie doesn't like to talk about it much, and neither does uncle Zeik. That's why they're so rich, all of their money came from that mysterious island. I wish I knew more about it. Father is beginning waking now, so I must finish today's journal.

Ashlyn stared at the pages with a blank face. This was what she had been looking for for over three years! The words floated though her head like lost goldfish in a pond: Tabetha, Margie, Zeik. They all sounded so familiar. Where were they from? Ashlyn snapped herself out of the daze she was in and rushed to her bookshelf. In a hidden compartment under the floorboards, she pulled out a map. The title of the map said: Tabetha.

Author Notes: I thought that I needed to write a story since I have been writing so many poems lately, so it is! I hope you all enjoy it! Tell me if you want a second part.

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24 Jan, 2020
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