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Tell Me You Love Me
Tell Me You Love Me

Tell Me You Love Me

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The day I saw you

My heart skipped a beat

My tongue grew numb

My eyes glued themselves to you

Fascinated at your splendure

And I made due


I couldn't keep my thoughts of you

I kind of didn’t want to leave them

Fearing if I did

That gem of thought would be lost


I trip over my feet at seeing you suddenly

I choke when you say hi

My mind blank as the sky

Trying to think of the words

To tell you

Right then and there

That I love you


But they don’t come

They never do


You know it too

You know I have something to say

You know fear gets in my way

You do not say


Do you care?

Have i ever crossed your mind?

have you ever said my name aloud?

Or played out a cute senario between us?


Just us?

you and me?


Why do you not just walk up to me?

Look me in the eye

And tell me you understand

Tell me I don’t have to talk

Tell me you love me


Because that is all I need

That’s all

I don’t need you to kiss me

Or dance with me

hug me and cuddle with me

Or even Blow me love

( though i would like you to)

You don’t have to do that


All I want

All I long for

All I need

Is for you to walk up to me

Look me in the eye,

And say

“I love you”

Author Notes: i know this sounds kind of corny but it is really how i feel and i am just trying to put myself out there. comments, concerns, and criticism please as always!

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About This Story
20 May, 2019
Read Time
1 min
4.5 (2 reviews)

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