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The Cave
The Cave

The Cave

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It was summer, Estreya and her friend Emmy were at Lusk caves. They went in with their moms, but, being younger and faster came out first. While waiting for the adults to come out, they started exploring around the cave's exit. After what felt like 5 minutes...."Estreya!"shouted Emmy "I think i found something!" About 10 metres away from them was a cave all covered in vines.With curiosity, they approched. When they were about a metre away from the entrance, Emmy tripped on a root and fell into the cave. Estreya looked behind her one last time, then followed Emmy in.

Estreya​​​​​​​ had a second to look around her when suddenly, she felt something pulling her into the darkness. Estreya​​​​​​​ didn't remmember fainting, but when the light woke her, she was in a blackened metal cage with Emmy. Estreya​​​​​​​ reached out to put her hand on the side of the cage to find a lock or a clasp or something that could lead to getting out, but to her great surprise, when she put her hand on the cage her hand passed right through."Emmy! Look!" she whispered and showed her again. Slowly but surely they held hands and took one step at a time until they were right at the edge of the cage. "Okay." said Emmy "On the count of three....1....2...3!" They stepped out of the cage,but, instead of passing through, the ground disapeared underneath their feet. They both started to scream.

Estreya​​​​​​​ woke up affraid and sweating. It was just a dream!!! Phew!! ​​​​​​​

Author Notes: I originally wrote this for a school project in sixth grade. I just changed it a bit and then.....Done!

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14 Mar, 2019
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