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The Creation
The Creation

The Creation


“Leona!” called Leo’s mom “Coming!” she responded. She glanced over at her clock, it was 8:30. Time to go to school.
Leo ran through the twisted streets of her home town, Mumbai, India. She was late for school. She got to school just as the final bell rang.

In class that day, her high school religion class got assigned the task of presenting their religions creations story. Now that was the problem, her family wasn’t religious and no one kept contact with her dad’s family after he had left her and her mom when she was 7. Well....there was one thing she could present....but did she want to reveal her secret, after keeping it for 1 whole year?

When the day came for the presentation finally came, Leo walked to school slowly, she was nervous.
When her turn came, she walked to the front of the class, took a deep breath and began transforming. Her disguise of a black haired, blue eyed teen melted away to reveal her true self: a goddess with blonde hair and purple eyes named Valentia.

“At first, there was only light” she began “then there was the birth of darkness. A time no one, not even a god, wants to witness. Between light and dark, a land formed. Half of this land mass was always dark, the other light. This planet began to spin because of the power on both sides. This planet was named Earth, or Tierra. The first beings to live upon Tierra were the dragons and the elves. At first, all was well. The two clans got along fine. Then, out of the blue, the elves became destructive. They started fighting the dragons. The leader of the dragons at the time, a beautiful blue dragon named Zafiro, tried to negotiate with the elves but was killed and replaced by her daughter, a green dragon named Esmeralda. So, confused, but wanting to protect their kind, the dragons fought back. This battle is not to be forgotten The fight was so intense that the world as they new it exploded, causing a mass extinction, of course. Both dragons and elves have never been seen again. Some believe they survived and escaped to another planet and some believe that they are gone forever. This explosion is often mistaken by scientists as the big bang. The creation goes on as most scientists explain it: bacteria- animals- apes- humans- etc. At the time when bacteria started transforming, 9 gods were chosen to take care of this world, including myself, the 4th, Valentia, goddess of finding, bravery, war and violence, whether good or bad. I have yet to earn more titles.”
She had finished her story. As the last words left her red lips, two of her classmates stepped forward.
The first one, a brown haired green eyed boy became a black haired and green eyed god named Uriah, he said “I was the 3rd, Uriah, god of the lost, the sun and the forests. I also have yet to earn more titles .”
The second, a girl with blue hair became an auburn haired goddess with auburn hair and hazel eyes by the name of Dessa. She said “And I the 2nd, Dessa, goddess of the moon, water, all living beings, the hearth, horses and nature.” During the story, most of the kids had opened there mouths in surprise, but with the last event, most were doubting they weren't dreaming. Oblivious to the reaction of their former classmates, they continued their conversation. “I have found you, finally.”said Valentia. She had known they were were here, that had been her mission, but not so close. “We will return to the kingdom with you, Velho.” said Dessa. “As expected” responded Valentia “Let us go, before they track us down.” They started towards the door.
“I would really not do that, if I were you.” said a voice behind them. They turned around and...”What!?” exclaimed Uriah “We thought you were banished!” continued Dessa. They both looked at Valentia, “You have returned” said Valentia. “That I have” said the voice “and don’t try to send me back the way you did before, I’m immune now” the voice chuckled. “It was YOU who sent him away!?” exclaimed Dessa. “It sure was. And I have the scar to prove it.” Valentia flicked her wrist, held out her hand then there was a flash of blue “ And now you have the same, Espíritu maligno.” spat out Valentia.

Author Notes: I entered this for a writing competition. Hope i win!

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30 Jan, 2020
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