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The Feeling I Get
The Feeling I Get

The Feeling I Get

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The Feeling I Get

By Spyro

She picked at the strings fast, but soft, letting the music ring in the cool, breezy air. The birds seemed to all come out, chirping and dancing along. This was her happy place. Her nest. Her place of protection and happiness, warmth and love. All she knew was herself and the guitar. Her big brown eyes were hidden shut as she swayed to the soft tune, feeling every movement of her finger tips that continued to lightly hit the strings, and listened to the sweet sound they made. So calm, tranquil, and peaceful. The tune flowed like water in a steam. It was all her. Her blood and bones that poured out, revealing everything she held hidden. The long steel bars around her disappeared and the world now held color. The grass was green and the sky was blue. Her wings spread, and she flew, higher and higher, reaching big white fluffy clouds and basked in the warm, mellow sun. She could finally breath. She no longer had a chain around her ankles, holding her down. She was free... Her eyelids finally lifted, now revealing her big brown eyes that helped her remember that she had been busking in a street filled with rows of small stores. And then she saw him. A tall boy with ruffed up brown hair and a blue scarf hanging around his long neck. He seemed to be standing in front of her for quite a while now. “That was beautiful”, he said as he gave her a kind and gentle smile, his baby blue eyes glowing at her. She returned a beautiful wide grin, that revealed straight white teeth and dimples on both red cheeks. “Thanks”, she said.

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16 Jun, 2019
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