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The House
The House

The House


Roy was out searching for his old house. It was a while since he had lived there but it suddenly came up in his mind that he just had to see it again. The evening light was still good when he caught the bus to the old neighbourhood. He got off at the usual stop. Then he quickly found himself in front of a house right at the edge of the forest. It was like looking back in time – an old building that had seen better days. It had to be his old home from way back – or was it? The house looked abandoned.

Darkness was now setting in. Only a weak street lamp gave some light to the main entrance. The house itself was in total darkness.

Roy stepped up to the main door. He knocked, and then waited. No response. He knocked again. No sign of life inside. Then he slowly turned the door handle and found to his surprise that it was not locked. He carefully snuck in and looked around. There was a light switch on the wall inside the door. When flipping it a dim light came on above him. Strangely enough he did not see any doors leading into the house from the hallway – only a set of stairs leading to the floor above. Later owners must have made changes inside? Strange!

He carefully walked up the stairs.

Reaching the landing on the top he faced a closed, black door. He opened it slowly. A small, dark room was revealed. It was empty with the exception of a wooden desk and chair – both old and worn. When did this room get built? He could not recall it.

There was a light switch on the wall inside the door. He turned it on. Light came on in the ceiling – the lamp was just a bare bulb hanging in its electric wires. It was a cold light.

The walls all around the room were dark and dingy and absorbed a lot of the light from the bulb, as did the dark, rough floor. Roy now felt a little uneasy but still very curious.

In front of him was a window. It was dark and opaque and did not allow a view to the outside.

Roy walked slowly and cautiously into the room and looked around. It was impossible to pick up details on the walls or ceiling.

The floor was pitch black. It creaked when he walked over it.

Suddenly the door slammed shut behind him. He turned around and thought he heard footsteps outside, that then quickly disappeared. He swallowed with an uneasy feeling.

He went back to the door and grabbed the handle to open, but it just broke off and fell to the floor – the door remained shut. How could he now get out of there?

He sat down on the chair to collect his thoughts.

Then smoke starts seeping in through the door. It must be burning somewhere. He desperately pushes the door and it opens! But smoke pours in and he is forced to shut it.

Now what are his options? Roy aims at the window as the only means of escape. Will it be possible to get out through it? And will it be possible to jump and get out alive? As he runs over towards it parts of the floor collapses behind him and leaves no return options. It is now too dark to see anything outside. He breaks the window and starts climbing out but without being able to see what is below he does not know if he indeed dare jump.

Fear really grabs him. Will he survive? What shall he do? He jumps out!

“He is having another of his delirious moments,” a nurse says to her colleagues standing around Roy´s bed. She holds his hand while he comes to and sees the concerned medical people around him. And the house he walked into had never been his home...

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About The Author
About This Story
4 Apr, 2019
Read Time
3 mins
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