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The Lamb of a Demon Reviews

2 reviews have given an average rating of 3 out of 5 Stars
Zerodsu gave a rating of 4

A part from the grammar mistakes and so on. Well written! It's not because there are mistakes, that the story is bad. Writing is about sharing a story, not about telling everyone how good your grammar is. That is for language. Don't pay too much attention to this person. Keep it up! :) ps: Mrald wrote: "with all the grammatical all" that sentence is not really correct either xD and infront of a "but" should be a comma :P

Mrald gave a rating of 2

I couldn't get through more than a couple paragraphs with all the grammatical all spelling mistakes. I know you apologized for it but that doesn't make it okay. Edit and fix it please.

Thanks for trying and sorry if I sound mean but honest criticism is better than fake praise.

resie Thank you for reading.
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