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The Letter
The Letter

The Letter


Dear You,
I hope you understand why I am writing this letter. I was hurt. I was tired. I was alone. Alone with nobody there to help me. Ignored at home. Ignored in class. Ignored everywhere I go.
I still remember the day I came into math class. Head down, a curtain of hair in front of my face. I sat at a popular's kid's table and looked up, smiling, laughing, trying to fit in. They looked at me in disgust and moved to the farthest table away from me. I put my head down again. At least I wasn't bullied.
A rotten apple flew into my face, splattering decaying apple all across my hair and face. I looked up at the thrower. It was you. Mackenzie Hiland, prom queen two years in a row, the girl who got her car for her sweet sixteen.
I was surprised that hatred did not boil inside of me. From that day on, I couldn't feel a thing. Not happiness, no joy, no hatred, not loneliness. Just emptiness. Hollowness. Nothingness.
It sure felt a lot worse than pain and loneliness. Every inch of my body was untouched as if I could not feel a thing. I was numb. From the heartache, from the anguish, from the despair, the grief, the distress, the unhappiness.
I forgot what being happy felt like because I was too occupied with all the suffering. Every part of my body; hurt somehow, but it still felt untouched. My throat was swollen. Swollen from all the tears that hadn't been shed. Swollen from the physical and verbal punches. Swollen from you and your horrid ways of interacting with people you don't like.
And worst of all, you managed to turn the tide. The tide away from me.
There stood Jackson Filman, the cutest boy in the school. A mop of blond hair with piercing blue eyes. A tall, tanned guy, that always had a perfect posture and manners.
And you managed to charm him with your evil witchcraft. You stole him away from me.
I still remember that very day.
I sat in a corner, no big surprise, and he sat by my side and started talking and asking questions. He laughed when I tried to be humorous, and that laugh, I have never forgotten. A bubbly, heart-warming laugh. One that makes me feel like I was in a safe warm blanket. We were friends for 2, 3 years. Until we started dating. We dated for 2 months (during the summer) and we couldn't wait for school to start. But you, you enrolled at this school, making my life worse by the second. You, you filthy pig-stealing Mackenzie had to snatch up that blanket, tear it to shreds, take its pieces, and modeling it into a new Jackson, not the one I used to know. You, you who turned upside down my perfect heaven into the hell of hell.
I hate for it. I hate you with all my heart.
And one day, I decided that I had enough.
I was done with life.
Before I hung myself, I called you. You came by, saw me with that rope and said with a sneer "Thank God! Quickly kill yourself, Annabella. You'll do all of us a favor. But why can't you die in a hole instead? Where I can't see you? Oh, wait! I want to see you suffer!" She laughed at my expression.
For once, fury boiled inside of me.
I punched her, stuffed her face in the grass and told her to eat geese droppings. "Or live in it. You belong there." I grinned. She finally looked up, enough to see me middle-finger her as I died.
The last thing I saw was utter disbelief in your eyes, and a very concerned looking Jackson farther away.
I smiled as I slowly faded away.
You were wrong. He loved me after all.

Author Notes: My friends Faith and Hockey4life55 have written this story together. We hope you like it!

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14 Mar, 2019
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3 mins
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