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The Monk of St Mary's Reviews

SANDMAN gave a rating of 5

WOW, what an adventure and in only 8,559 words. The characters in this story are so authentic and engaging I felt I was tagging along with Albert the entire way. The story was so utterly plausible I looked forward to what was going to happen next – always wondering if Albert was going to make out alive or not.

The pace of the tale was perfect throughout. The narrative voice was distinctive and original in all of its various tones. The style of expression perfectly captured every detail. The dialogue of all characters read authentically. The emotional tug of war waged inside Albert's head had me hanging on tenterhooks.

But it was the author’s power of observation and description which took this tale out of the ordinary and elevated it into the extraordinary. It evoked the ever changing mood and atmosphere as we traveled from the beginning to the end. I was out of breath when Albert finally fell into the hands of his brothers.

The structure, punctuation, spelling - everything is at should be. Five stars hardly seems adequate for this beautiful piece of writing.
Ciao, JT


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