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The Perior People 1

The Perior People 1

By TheForgotten

I'm sitting in a field of wheat, a subtle wind brushes some of the blades on my shoulders. There's a wind chime whistling in the distance. I sit up, it's the same dream every time. I attempt to get out of bed, but instead I roll off and hit the floor. I let out a low groan before getting off the cold surface. As gracefully as I can muster in the morning I drag myself to the kitchen.

Mom is sitting on the counter top drinking orange juice and reading the paper. I grab a glass bowl from the cabinet, the glass is too slippery for me to comprehend this early. I watch as it falls to the ground only to stop a split second before it shatters.

"Mom" I whisper in horror "Mom the bowl is levitating" she looks over at me with a blank expression as if this were normal. "Are you going to act as if this isn't strange at all?"

"Honey, it was going to happen eventually." She slides off the counter top to rinse her cup and place it in the dishwasher. "Sit down I will explain everything." I grab the bowl and place it on the wooden table. "You're not like the other kids, haven't you noticed? There's certain things that you must've recognized already, your sight is better and your hearing is better." Now that she mentions it, I have had experiences with being special. "You aren't human you're Perior. I've been waiting for you to be old enough, pack your bags Mindie, we're moving back to sanction."

Author Notes: I am sorry these stories are not all together. It seems that the device Im using will not allow me to get much further than 360 words before cutting me off, please do understand.

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17 Apr, 2016
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1 min
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