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The Safe Place Reviews

2 reviews have given an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 Stars
Kat gave a rating of 4

Wow!! It sounds great! I knew it was a father or stepfather at about the third paragraph, but that's just because I have read things like this. There are a few grammar errors, but besides that it's great!

Nathan M Green
Nathan M Green Thanks Kaleigh, I'm glad you liked it. Could you let me know the grammar errors as I'm always keen to learn?
Thanks again.
Author -
PinkyTune gave a rating of 5

Simply amazing! Brilliant. A poor child's innocence... Abusive Father... Helpless mother... Every single thing is so subtly conveyed with so little text. Children have the amazing ability to speak cute and short.

Nathan M Green
Nathan M Green Thanks PinkyTune.
Author -

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