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The Salvation Reviews

2 reviews have given an average rating of 3 out of 5 Stars
lemonslice gave a rating of 3

You've got a decent structure and an interesting subject matter here. What lets you down are unnecessary typos and grammar mistakes.

This is more of a vignette than story, however. I do suggest you read up on the difference, because a lot of writers receive rejection letters because they don't understand this.

Kiraa gave a rating of 3

You have a lot of potential and I like stories that are based off of a true event, even if some of the facts could be argued. The ideas within the story were good. There were some grammatical errors. I feel like you could add more emotion through the use of your structure and diction that would leave a more intense lasting impression. Your beginning and ending were good- maybe try using different writing techniques and details throughout the whole story that would really make it great. Overall, good story.

MyRealNameIsAwesome Okay, thanks, I'll use that advice in the future.
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